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    The fishing trip of Byleif/Byleifs fiskefänge (epic icelandic poetry according to the Háttatal)

    This one probably bears some explaining. There is a pretty much untranslatable section of the Prose Edda (the collection of norse mythology gathered and written down by the icelandic Skald Snorri Sturlasson at around 1220) called Hattatal that contains 102 examples of meters used in scaldic...

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Voting for the second round of the Map Madness Tournament is now live! Vote for your favorite in each matchup!
Just bought the Visustella All Waves bundle... Time to go IN!!
Oh, I was just confirmed I'll be doing small online classes during june - july, on one side I'm nervous and looking forward it, on the other one: I've became the very thing I swore to destroy. :kaodes:
Work starts today at 2pm. I hate jeans, but the dress code says I have to wear them... That's how I discovered I was a plus size. Shopping for my first pair of jeans.
Anyhow, I'll post a new video on TheDazzlingsAreBack as soon as I'm able to.

WIP :)
Added some cliffs / walls / roofs to the tilesheet and am currently working on roof objects to make them prettier and more variable. And of course, windows and doors that fit to the game's style.
I also adjusted the grass color but i have some issues with my display, so if it looks weird, please let me know :)

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