1. Chroma-Creative-Solutions

    YEP Class Change Core + YEP Subclass - Maintain Skills When Switching Classes

    Long time lurker (since 2017), usually try to find my own solutions, but cannot for the life of me find a solution or work around for this issue. Currently I am using these plugins to create a class switching system for my game: YEP Class Change Core YEP Subclass YEP Skill Core YEP Skill Learn...
  2. The Real Sye

    YEP Class Change Core: Subclass - Set Subclass Level

    Hello! I've spent the last hour trying to find information on this, and either I'm looking in the wrong places, or I'm just blind. The question is simple: Is there a method to set a subclass level on a character in YEP's plugin? In this context, it would be for a character acquired later in...
  3. Troubles with Yanfly's Class system.

    Hello everyone! I am working on a free to play RPG and decided to use Yanfly's class system plugin. I have the option of adding the subclass skills, but they don't appear not even in menu which sucks. The plugin works as far as adding the subclass stats, but the skills are not added not even in...
  4. jbstuff

    Hiding specific classes in Yanfly Change Class Core

    I am using Yanfly's Class Change Core (link here) and Yanfly's Subclass addon (link here). Having looked around I haven't found many answers to this particular question, namely, how to hide a specific class (or classes from showing up under the class list in Yanfly's Class Plugins...
  5. catwizard69

    MV YEP.34 Subclass Stop giving Subclass XP at specific level Request So, I'm seeing if someone knows of, or can come up with a script or method that gives me a command to shut off Subclass XP, once that subclass has reached a certain level. I noticed in the...
  6. catwizard69

    YEP Subclass Level up notification MV

    Looking for a plugin that shows subclass XP, level ups, learned skills, etc in the YEP victory aftermath sequence when you finish a fight, or at the very least notify the player that the subclass has levelled up. My class system is heavily based on the subclassing portion, and it'd be nice to...
  7. Soryuju

    How to check an actor’s subclass?

    I’ve got actors who have selectable main classes and subclasses in my project, and I’m trying to figure out how to check an actor’s current subclass so I can use the subclass ID as a condition for various events, evals, etc. I’ve seen the script call below recommended elsewhere to accomplish...
  8. atoms

    Like in Octopath Traveler, Limit Classes and Subclasses with Yanfly scripts.

    Alright! For those who don't know what Octopath Traveler is, it's a game that game out fairly recently (July 13, 2018). I liked how it handled the subclasses and was wondering if I could get a similar affect in RPG Maker MV. You can read about the game here...
  9. oToToToToTo

    Change Class On Equip

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a way to change the actors class when they equip a weapon or item. As in: equip a sword to an actor: Class = Swordsman. It sounded really simple in theory, but I can't see any way to do it without eventing each actor + each class 30x.
  10. Soryuju

    Yanfly Subclasses: Actor Battle Command Order

    I'm having an issue with Yanfly's Subclass plugin where the order of main/subclass commands in the battle menu seems to be determined by the class ID rather than by which class is the main or subclass. So for example, say I have these classes in my database: 001: Knight 002: Wizard 003: Priest...
  11. Trouble with Getting Subclassing/Passives to Work Properly

    Hey there. I've been working on a game that uses a job and subjob system using the class change core and the subclass core. I've almost finished implementing it, but there's still a hangup that's been causing some issues: I can only get passives to apply to a primary job. Right now, passives are...
  12. Luckysince97

    class name combo unluck skill

    so i was wondering if there is a way inside yanfly plugin subclass to do something like that if //primary_class=() and subclass=() (( which stand on combo name )) in other word if warrior equip cleric and switch class to combo name paladin then unluck skill... then skill change: x to y...
  13. Yawgmoth

    Subclass Conditional Branch Item

    Hi everyone, So I'm using RPG Maker MV and both Yanfly's Class Core and Subclass plugins. I don't want players to be able to change classes from a menu and am only allowing players to ever gain one subclass. There are only three primary classes in the game so I tried creating an item (Wiz'Ma...
  14. IssaMeMino

    Subclass Not Working After Update

    Hello all, Again, I'm met with complete confusion on something that just happened. Before the most recent update, the Yanfly Subclass plugin worked splendidly. Now, the subclasses don't match up with the number I have it linked to. You can see how I have everything set up in my editor and then...
  15. Yanfly ClassBaseParam and Subclass Plugins Not Playing Nice?

    Hey guys, Not sure if this was meant to be a feature or if I'm over looking something. I'm using Yanfly plugins.  ClassChangeCore, Subclass, BaseParamControl, and ClassBaseParam.  I set up some Custom class parameters in the Class Note for Warrior. <Custom Class Parameters>...
  16. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_ClassSelector

    !!! Class Selector v.0.7 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This will add a Class Selector to your Game. From here you can change/set the class of any Actor. - Races - Classes - Subclasses ! Important ! The Parameter Curves of the Race, not the Class will...
  17. Yanfly Class System - restricting certain subclasses to specific classes

    Hi, I'm implementing Yanfly ClassChangeCore along with Subclass I can't seem to achieve what I to, though. I have 3 primary classes; Warrior, Thief and Mage. I want the 3 classes to have...
  18. Help with the Yanfly Class System

    Hi, I'm looking to use Yanfly's Class Change and Subclass plugins to make it so that my heroes all have their own section of sub-classes that the player can swap through. For example, one of my heroes was going to have 3 subclasses named "Tank", "Brawler", and "Reckless". And each of these...
  19. AntQuin

    Help with Subclass

    Hello there, everyone, I've integrated Yanfly's subclass plugin (attached) into a new game I'm creating with RPG Maker MV. The game itself is still in its early phases of development, and I am primarily focusing on getting the mechanics of the overall game where I want them before proceeding...
  20. Weighted average for subclass parameters (YEP Subclass/Class Change Core)

    Hi, This isn't so much a request for an all-new script as it is for a slight adjustment to an already existing script. For those of you familiar with Yanfly's Subclass script (Info can be found here), the way it handles the stats for a subclass it that it carries a percentage of the...

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