1. Tea's Jams

    RMMV submission tutorial?

    I heard mention early on in this contest of someone making an submission walkthrough/tutorial or experience description. With the deadline looming, I'm wondering if that's still a thing? Also, on a side note, I seem to be the one and only person who is making a thread here and feel...
  2. dnel57

    Game Submission Question

    Is there a way to keep my game unencrypted in my folder and still encrypt it when I submit it? Or is there a way to make an unencrypted copy of the entire project? Thanks. I was thinking maybe in my  document vxace file?
  3. dnel57

    Tutorial submission

    Hello, Please forgive me if this is not the appropriate place for this. I have made a tutorial on a subject that I see no information for,but,I don't know where or how to submit it. It is just a Wordpad doc. with two images. The place I found for adding tutorials looked like it...

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