1. LSDolphin

    RMMV Substitute + Counter compatability

    Got plans for a character who uses a Substitute state to cover allies and then Counterattacks that substituted hit. The way MV handles Substitution by default doesn't give that option though and instead applies the damage directly to the Substitute character without giving them a chance to...
  2. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Modifying substitute conditions

    Hi. I'm trying to modify the substitute conditions in my project since some months ago and after trying some scripts (without success) I decided to check the default scripting to check where could I modify them. I found this part in Scene_Battle in 644 line...
  3. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with Hime's Cover condition script

    Hello. I'm using Hime's Cover condition script and I'd like to add some cover conditions to certain character. I'd like some help to set them. 1) This character will cover all allies who are under 20% of Max HP 2) This character will cover allies only from physical attacks 3) This character...
  4. Exayda

    How Can I Make Allies Protect Enemies?

    Hello, I hoping this the right place to post this. I would like to know how to make States where allies protect enemies. It would be something like a substitute status that works between allies and enemies. There was a script like this for VX Ace but now I can't find anything like for MV. Any...
  5. CursedEmbrace

    Substitute For Specific Character

    I've been struggling with this issue for a while, hopefully someone here can help provide a solution. What I'm looking to do is have "Character A" use the substitute mechanic (preferably with 100% chance to do so) specifically for "Character B" when they are in the party together. Little clue...
  6. Cover ability, substitute flag, using a states instead of HP?

    So a common question I see from people is about how to make substitute work on allies at any HP, instead of just low HP. I was wondering the same thing for a while, until I found a great solution which I've been using. I found someone had posted that if you install this in your materials section...
  7. DoubleX RMMV Substitute Edit

    Note This plugin's available for commercial use Purpose Lets you sets conditions determining the battler to substitute Games using this plugin None so far Configurations Plugin Calls Prerequisites Abilities: 1. Little Javascript coding proficiency to fully utilize this plugin Terms...
  8. Is there a way to create a state that makes the user take MP Damage

    I've played around with a number of work arounds but I'm specifically wanting a character to be able to activate a state where they substitute Physical Damage to their HP with damage to their MP. Ideally taking a scaled down or set amount of MP damage per hit. Any help is very much appreciated.
  9. Altering a "substitute" script to activate based on a variable.

    I originally found the script below on this site. There is a link to the exact page below. Anyway, I would like to know if it is possible to edit this script so that it uses a variable instead of an HP percentage. More specifically, if an actor has the substitute flag, I want them to cover for...
  10. shiori4me

    Untargetable / Unsubstituteable Skills? Can this be an adjustment to Scene_Battle? Or a script?

    I'm making there be more features when at low HP using scripts and conditions.  But you'd want to decide between keeping your health at the safe zone or reaping those last-resort benefits while keeping yourself alive. And that's where cover/substitute comes in. Thing is, I want it so that...
  11. ShadowLurk

    Substituting for Enemy

    This script expands Substitute by adding a new substitute for enemy flag. To mark an actor, class, weapon, armor, enemy, or state to act as substitute for enemy, use this notetag: <substitute enemy>Grab the script here. Or visit my blog and grab the script there.
  12. DoubleX RMVXA Substitute Edit

    DoubleX RMVXA Substitute Edit  v1.01b by DoubleX Compatibility Fix DoubleX RMVXA Substitute Compatibility Fix Introduction In the default setting, if more than one battler in the same side have the substitute flag, the one with the lowest id(the leftmost one) will always do the job, even if...
  13. Leah Prime

    Changing the default Substitute

    Hi! Where do i change the default substitiute behavior? (I want too change the default percentage of hp where substitution occurs) Thanks!

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