1. Mupthon

    Subway Station Tileset

    Hiii, I need tileset for a game I'm creating. It was hard to find but it is not enough I need the terrain, pillars like this : In the image is the 2003 I use the RPG Maker VX Ace I could not convert rpg 2003 for the vx ace, I tried but I failed.:rswt Thank you in advance, seriously this means...
  2. Alpha Hedge

    Does anyone know where I can get bullet train or NYC subway spritesets for RPG Maker 2k3?

    I've been searching for shinkansen spritesets for a while now with no luck. Does anyone here know where I can find bullet train spritesets that I can use with RPG Maker 2k3? Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Subway sprites would also be good if you know of any
  3. StishStash

    looking for subway train tileset INSIDE of the subway train

    I'm looking for a tileset that is the inside of a subway train. (Preferably with animated windows.) Thanks in advacne YOU WILL BE CREDITED!
  4. Hororo

    train request (subway edit)

    i would like to request to make a train like this one: same design, but different size make the size of that train a bit bigger so it can fit with sprites that im using probably like the sam size of this train: http://www.teamanti.com/rmxp/choochoo.png...

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