1. Kanissey

    Animating a "soul/person" getting sucked into a chest

    Hey guys, ahmm its kinda hard to explain but here we go. I have a person standing inside a circle, and there is a chest on the right side of him and someone casts a spell and the circle gets brighter. Then i want him to get sort of sucked into the chest or any other kind of animation that is...
  2. Sprite Design Help

    I have this template for a Lamia but I have no clue where or how to start. I own Aseprite, Photoshop, Gimp, and Piskel.
  3. Leon Kennedy

    Is it truly nostalgia or do games really suck now?

    Simple question, do you think a lot of games especially sequels now suck or do you think its just nostalgia? I will simply say a lot of games released these days do suck and are done in lazy manners and here's some reasons why. #1 Updates and patches. Before internet and gaming systems were...
  4. gregbaby

    So is MV worth using now?

    I own MV, I got it upon release, I was all excited as the promise of android support was there. until I realised the functionality was non existant... After trying it out I realised the creators of MV decided Android support was a complete after thought despite tacking it on to the product specs...
  5. gregbaby

    What's the point of MV's mobile export?

    The format is terrible with no real support and the most "simple" games perform like a potato on modern phones so I ask what was the purpose of including mobile support if it's so poorly implemented for modern day mobiles and not properly supported? A selling point? I hope people google this...

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