1. JacSkulls

    Suggestion More Defeated Map Sprite option for Generator (RPG Maker MZ)

    Description of the Feature: I'm hoping to make things easier for beginners and others with no editing pixel skills, to give them more defeated map sprite options in the Generator. Which means probably expanding the sprite sheet visualization or adding a defeated pose slot to change it.(I'm...
  2. HiddenAlchemist

    Suggestion Option to disable font outline and/or adjust color, size, and opacity

    Description of the Feature: In the System 2 tab, you can adjust the default values for the font used and its size. I'd like to also have the option to completely disable the outline and/or change its color, opacity, and size. Preferably the former. I personally find that the outline messes with...
  3. Raypixel

    If I made a sequel, what monsters should I include and what are some good plot ideas?

    Title says much: I’ve been thinking about making a Runia Story sequel that’s made in MV and obviously gonna bring back most of the monsters but also include new ones. What monsters would people like to see tho? You can suggest about anything but would prefer monsters that aren’t already in rpg...
  4. KrunkaDev

    What should I call the first boss in my game?

    I've got an area in my game that gradually ramps up the enemies. I've called them 'Water Spawn' as a general overall term for all the enemies. You first encounter 'Water Spawnlet' enemies that use the Slime enemy image. Then, you start to encounter regular 'Water Spawn', which uses a blue hue...
  5. stramin

    [IDEA] Suggestion: A script to offset tilesets visually

    I don't know if this is the best place to post a "Script suggestion", but I think this is a useful idea. Actually there are scripts to offset events, but this is something different, this is to offset tileset we know they ALWAYS should be 1/2 tile higher and we don't want to fill the map with...
  6. [Suggestion] Guard Skill Trait

    Now that MZ added a new trait that allows you to give each actor an individual Attack command skill, I think it would be a good idea to introduce the same trait for the Guard command. Description of the Feature: The Guard Skill trait would change the skill used when the actor uses the Guard...
  7. MakoInfused

    [Suggestion] Map and Event Plugin Param Types

    Description of the Feature: A dropdown/picker UI for plugin params of @type map. A dropdown/picker UI for plugin params of @type event. (Which would also require a map selection) Mockups: Map picker: Event picker: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following...
  8. Geovid

    30 posts to commission something

    I don't think you should need 30 posts to access the classified section because you are just begging for pointless forum posts like this one XD
  9. Suggestion Box?

    Dear RPG Maker Teams, Is there a place where we can request DLCs, a sort of suggestion box, as it were? I was thinking an Arabian Nights character generator would be awesome to have for RPG Maker MV, and was wondering if there was high demand for it?
  10. rechronicle

    Great Battle/General plugin suggestion?

    Hello! Is anyone has some great battle or general plugin that you can suggest to me? Especially after Yanfly is gone, I'm not sure anymore o3o
  11. interesting battle process

    hey guys so i was wondering if you know or have any good ideas on how to make a battle more engaging with player i dont want them to just press button when prompted and thats it i want them to be actively pressing buttons and really interested in the battle
  12. Nekohime1989

    Including Tags as a search options but wait theirs more.

    It is possible to search for tags. But you can't include any other search queries. Let me give you an example of how this would help others out. (but not myself necessarily) Let's say you want to search for rmmv tag and the query is tilesets. In Classified Board. Currently this not possible to do.
  13. Anthony D

    DUNGEON : puzzles/events involving gnomes (need ideas)

    SETTING: A heavily forested mountain (think of a national park). It is Summer, and it has been raining abundantly for the past week or so, making the climbing very treacherous. OBJECTIVE: The player needs to make it to the summit with the help of 7 gnomes that inhabit said mountain. WHAT I'M...
  14. CleanWater

    Suggestion - Foreigner Projects/Games

    I understand that this is the official English forum, and that including projects and games in any other language can be an issue for moderating and making then abide by the forum rules, but... Why don't you include a separate category for non-English games here? RPG Maker is used broad wide...
  15. rechronicle

    Anyone having a grammar trouble while developing rpg?

    Hello, I want to ask about the English grammar, recently I got critiques of my rpg mostly on grammars error inside the game, I really want to know how to overcome this obstacle? (Especially if English is not your native language.) Any advice or opinion are welcome. :D Thank you!
  16. Orgaya

    Suggestions for Prettying up My Game

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for any kind of scripts that add overlays or lighting effects, but I'm not having any luck. Most of the ones I've come across either have dead links or are more complicated than I need them to be. I'm working with VX Ace. Can anyone suggest anything? (As an...
  17. nio kasgami

    Allowing Glob pattern for @requiredAssets parameters

    SO I worked a lots with MV recently I like the exclude files options and the "requireAssets" options ALTHOUGH I bunked on a little errors What's happen when you let the player generate their own sprite? Because I work on something who actually let's the player choose how many sprite are...
  18. RishigangiX

    [Suggestion] YEP Auto Passive, Compatibility with Equip Skills

    @Yanfly I have been testing around with the EBS and the Auto Passive States plugins, and I have noticed that once I put a passive state to a skill, the character continues to have the state regardless of whether the skill is equipped or not. My suggestion is that, it would be helpful for...
  19. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

    Custom Emoticons

    Hiya RMW website site-feedback people! Your website is amazing, and I love it but I have a suggestion to make it even better. :cutesmile: How about a feature where in the emoticons tab, there is an "Add" button where we can add custom emoticons to our account that we can use via that menu up...
  20. nio kasgami

    Give me suggestion for restaff participation

    So Hi guys!  I will first say sorry if this not the good section if not..please move it xD. I will participate for the next restaff who will maybe roughly in 3 months?  So my participations will be both art and programming. Although even if I have some idea ...I still want to ask...

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