1. Black Pagan

    RMMV Need ideas - Side Professions / Hobbies related to Zones

    So, i am making this Mini Survival game which only has minimal amount of maps, Database Items and Enemies and is my attempt to make my first "Minimalist Game" in RPG Maker MV. it does have Combat, but not as much as your Typical RPG. To make do with minimal resources, I plan to keep the Player...
  2. ForestLogic

    So what's the standard that most people use for parallax mapping layers now?

    I've been using Galv's Layer Graphics for my parallax maps for a while now, but I run into little bugs with it every once in a while and he said he isn't supporting that plugin anymore. What plugin would people recommend for doing parallax maps besides his? Ideally one that plays well with...
  3. ForestLogic

    RMMV 'Revenant Dracanea'! A cartoony, comedic quest lost to time.

    (early concept art, subject to change) So after about a year and a half's worth of work with a small group of friends, I'm ready to show off our project. The working title is "Revenant Dracanea" but that's soon to change. It's a quirky, comedic adventure about a land facing rebellion, which...
  4. Lorsynth

    Lorsynth's Tile Requests/Suggestions

    --------------------------------------------------------- Lorsynth's Tile Requests/Suggestions --------------------------------------------------------- What it says on the tin. Basically I'm working on making as many tiles as I can over the next few months and I can never settle on what I want...
  5. FralKritic

    Bookmarks and Comments Database For Quicker Search

    Description of the Feature: However, I believe a better searcher, would be a bookmark window, kinda like a table of content created by the user as they make the game. Example Of New System Main Story Sarah Leaves Sarah Finds Pearl - Decision #1...
  6. Llareian

    Looking for a good DVD player app

    Are there any decent DVD player apps out there for Windows 10? Preferably free, but cheap is also an option... Hubby needs something to play movies on his laptop. He's heard VLC Player is good, but he's not sure if the source was reputable. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  7. Atreides

    Can we sticky a suggestions thread?

    Just a thread of features and suggestions by users of the software, and keep it moderated to add and/or remove from the list if said features get added? Maybe ones that are requested multiple times in several other mediums like support and social media could be put towards the top? I have a...
  8. Anthony D

    DUNGEON : puzzles/events involving gnomes (need ideas)

    SETTING: A heavily forested mountain (think of a national park). It is Summer, and it has been raining abundantly for the past week or so, making the climbing very treacherous. OBJECTIVE: The player needs to make it to the summit with the help of 7 gnomes that inhabit said mountain. WHAT I'M...
  9. Draconic_Story_Teller

    Need a plug-in suggestion

    I've seen tons of finished products, both from big-name and small-name companies, that include a feature I want to include. I need a way to make a dynamic light source that follows the player, or even a party member. The idea of providing a 'torch' item that generated a passively existing...
  10. Rayter

    Could use some help!

    Heyoo! I am experimenting and trying to make a draft project right now! (meaning I'm figuring out the program and making a sample game.) I'm wanting to use assets from a sort of Japanese-style school/Town. But I know next to nothing about asset creation and I can't find one that is downloadable...
  11. felixelh

    Ideas for unique battle systems?

    Hello! New user here, but long-time lurker. My small group and I have been working on our game, equilibriUm sIxteen, for a while now, and I, the developer, was looking at Undertale and Yume Nikki for battle system ideas. I want to do something kinda unique like the bullet hell and the on-map...
  12. Scythuz

    Scythuz Music Packs - Where can I improve?

    So I'll start this off by being 100% frank and transparent, my music pack sales for the Action & Battle Themes pack aren't good, and the Cyberpunk pack isn't doing much better.  It's making me seriously reconsider continuing to make store pack content, but I don't want to give up without knowing...
  13. Changing Scope of a Skill IN game.

    Okay, so, I THINK I am posting this in the right category, there are so many of them lol Here is what I am trying to do - I am sure I will need a plug-in for it, but as my scripting skills are not on par of crafting my own plugins yet, I have turned to the community for help. Within my...
  14. Tigersong

    He loves you

    How's it going, all? I've got a question itching to be asked, so here goes. It didn't take me too long to realize that calling my project "Harvest Moon-like" was a misnomer. I want to concentrate more on telling a story than making a farming game. With that said, here's the question. Natalie's...
  15. UltimateFanBoy

    What do you want to see in the next RPG Maker?

    I really like VX Ace. But, there are somethings I feel could be beter, and I doubt they're going to add updates to it now. So, i figurd I'd say what I think should be in the new one. Here's my suggestions: Diagonal movement by default So this is more of a nit-pick, but its always bugged me...
  16. JAD94

    What are some good hosting sites to sell your games?

    Hey guys! What are some good hosting sites for creating your own website? I have two projects underway and want to start creating a website so I can distribute these games. Any help or suggestions? :) -JAD
  17. The_Exiled_One

    The Knights of Aurora

    Here's the game adaptation of my novel on Wattpad! :D And as a heads up, there are themes of sex, drugs and alcohol, violence, a lot of that one, religion, and philosophy that are to be implemented into the game, so proceed with caution when I actually do put that into the game if you're...
  18. Deathspecter

    In-game play time and suggestions

    Hello!  :D   I've been working on my Demo (which is almost ready) but today I noticed that it takes almost 2h of gameplay to actually proceed through the first 4 storyline quests, which I think it's too much. Mainly because they all happen in the first city and it's surroundings. After...
  19. Scythuz

    [Music Store Pack Research] What would you like to see next from me?

    Hi there everyone, it's that stage now where I want to be making another music pack... however, I'm not sure what theme to go with as it seems like most things have been covered so far.  So I thought I would ask you all what you think I should do.  So my questions are these: 1. If I were to do...
  20. RyokuHasu

    An array of chat rooms

    There are over 1000 users and guests at any given time would you consider for more short-term and interactive conversations getting a few dedicated chat rooms for different general topics? Many forums have a single shout box, however that might be to crazy with 1K+ people, so why not have chat...

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