1. gvduck10

    Suikoden styled party selection

    I am looking for something like this: It needs to be able to do all of the following: 1. Only characters that have been recruited are present (other characters not yet recruited could be represented by blank spaces, dashes, shilouttees or -ideally- just not there) 2. After a new character is...
  2. rydwha

    Suikoden Another Stories

    Suikoden Another Stories Abstract: A fan made game which focuses on the story about some 108 Stars of Destiny. Genre: RPG Demo Gameplay Length Short (1-3 hours) Story After the collapse of Highland Government and Dunan Republic have it's peace, some of the 108 Star of Destiny left Dunan...
  3. Suikoden (mostly 1 or 2) Remake?? Anyone interested in helping out a n00b create an epic

    Okay so I really got into the Suikoden 1 and 2 games and am looking to do kind of a remake but more my own story own characters and own system. Also I'd love to be able to really code like a 360 game and use the triggers on the controller to do minigames and **** but anyway.. as just a side...
  4. Hororo

    Rune scene/system

    i would like to request a script quite similar to suikoden rune system. Since ace has a feature that adds a trait to a specific item to learn that category of skill, rune system can be applied but i want it to have an extensive feature a scene rather also a condition. let's put an example, Red...
  5. Hororo

    Icon request

    does anyone here knows an icon similar to this one: the mega medicine, dragon incense etc. so i was hoping if someone can resize this icons: to make it similar to that one (for colors don't change it unless the colors become...
  6. Hororo

    Blacksmith system (suikoden style)

    i would like to ask a script similar to the blacksmithing of suikoden: (in the photo you can see that the weapon is lvl5 and the bonus it gives on the wearer of that weapon is 27 also how much the lvling up cost is displayed above, 3500 bits to lvl up into lvl6) possibly the feature i want...
  7. Kread-EX

    Actor Inventory

    Actor Inventory Version: 1.11 Author: Kread-EX Introduction Inspired from the Suikoden series. Allows consumable items to be equipped and carried in battle, which means that only these can be used. It offers strategic options, as the player is forced to decide between using up equipment...

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