summon creature

  1. Jachan

    The Idea of Fanmade "Super Sentai" Projects... but how...? (More details inside)

    While "sentai" is a Japanese word, I will have you know one or two quick details before the start. If you are already familiar to this, skip and start read next paragraph ahead. =P "Sentai" means "squadron". "Super Sentai" is a very popular superhero TV show in Japanese for everyone. It is the...
  2. RMVNex

    Summonable character?

    How would one have a witch that could summon a skeleton for like 4 turns, and then have it vanish after or vanish after dying or at the end of a battle?
  3. bobisme

    Tame creatures: the hard way?

    Hey guys :) What i want to create is the ability to tame a creature your battling what i have done is created a skill called tame creature that applies a state called tame  the state applied:: i then created a conditional branch in the troop settings: when slime has state tame...

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