summon system

  1. Aerosys

    Pet Summon Plugin

    Pet Summon Plugin Fox sprite by Hidden One Inspired by RPGs such as „Pokemon“, „Nights of Azure,“ and other MMORPGs, I made a Plugin to enable summoning of Pets in battle. Available for free, compatible with both MV & MZ Features Any Actor from the Database can be converted into a Pet by...
  2. Jellicoe

    Looking for battle pet system like Galv's battle pets for MV

    I am looking for a pet/summon system. This would have been ideal for me: However, it is for VX, and I am using MV. Does anyone know a system like this or could update this plugin? I know of other summoning systems, but those seem to involve...
  3. Mooshry

    MOG_Theatrhythm Summon System?

    So, i'm making a game based on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Which will be non-commercial, of course.) and i need a summon system that works differently to the one in the actual game. In the actual game, since there's time in it, a summon appears at a certain time. But i want my summon to appear...

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