1. thenerdmansion

    How too: Summoned pet deals 10% more damage if actor ID 11 is wearing summoner robe (armor)

    Like the tittle says, I have 20 years of experience with Rpg Maker and there would be so many ways about doing this. One way would be to implement the damage multiplier in the formula box to check if actor ID x is wearing Armor ID x however this would have to be done to every skill that the...
  2. Luckysince97

    RMMZ Hide party index from reserve party

    I Check couple discussion about that but none was actually telling me waht i was searching for so better ask directly, Question is simple , when i open party formation (using visustella party management plugin) i need to have party member(x) to be in party if i want to summon him in battle...
  3. boulops1

    RMMV YEP Party System. pets and party size exceptions.

    Heyo! alright im going to try and make this as clear as possible. im using Yanfly Party System and I would like my party size to stay at 4 but have an exception where summons and pets can be added to the party. ex i could have 4 actors and 2 pets battling but if i was to swap my parties actors...
  4. Journey_Sticks

    Animations: Skill, Bug Net, Summon, Modern Military, Ranged Weapons

    Credit for Summon Ifrit: hiddenone, Kadokawa, & Avery https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/ Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use but let hiddenone know & send Avery a free copy Must own a valid copy of RPG MAKER MV Credit to...
  5. orochii

    OZZ's Actor Summoning

    Actor Summoning v1 by me (again) Introduction This plugin implements a very complex but powerful (?) actor summoning system. Originally inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series, it lets you add and remove characters in battle through the use of skills. But wait there is more... This plugin...
  6. MrHeimer

    RMMV What's the best way/pluggin to summon a chimera, a pet, or a totem?

    Hi all :) I hope u are fine ! :) I am looking for a way to implement chimera/pet/totem in my game, if someone already do that on MV can can you tell me what's the pluggin/script are you using to do it? I would like the chimera replace the actor who summoned it, but the pet and the totem i...
  7. Recover Summoning actor

    Hello, I created an ability to summon an actor, it worked:biggrin:. But when he dies and disappears, I invoke him again and he comes back like a knockout. And even putting in the common event to recover it, nothing happens.:confused: Sorry for my English. Thanks!:LZYcheeze::LZYcheeze:
  8. Rinobi

    RMMV Necromancy - Acquiring Undead

    Hello, I am hoping to get feedback on a mechanic for my necromancer class. I have come up with two potential options for players to acquire undead minions via a skill called Corpse Capture. Please see the below two options and let me know what your thoughts are. Option #1: Kill a weakened...
  9. Actor Parameter Copy

    Hi ! I was wondering if it is possible to make an Actor having the exact same parameters and extra-parameters as another hero. I am using a lot of plugins of Yanfly and others plugin from SumRndmDde like Summon Core. I have a character that summon a lot of creatures (it's his gameplay), but i...
  10. Lilly

    LMBS Summon Skill

    I wanted to get a skill that could summon another character, but only for a short amount of time. Since it's in LMBS, normal summon plugins won't work and also the summon is supposed to be automatically a CPU and you can't change to it. (It's fine if you can, as long as they can't stay forever.)
  11. [RPGMV][How to use Summon or Actor AI in ABS] Help !! My only hope is you.

    Hello. I am losing a lot of time. I want a recall of Actors or another act with AI. There is a plugin called Qfollowers inside the Qabs plugin. But Quxios said he would no longer develop a follower system. So I actor added QFollowers plugin to my RPGMV to check. And what I did was we added the...
  12. Accatosh

    SumRndmDde's Summon Core with Yanfly plugins

    Hello! My request is a compatibility between SumRndmDde's Summon Core and Yanfly's battle plugins. Such as: Battle Engine Core Battle System - STB Battle Status Window Battle A.I. Core Actor Auto Battle A.I. Party System Here's the full list of the plugins I use: The current problem...
  13. LegoCat88

    IsEnemy error Summon Core

    I just downloaded SRD_SummonCore and set up my summon skill and stuff but when I summon Pinky (The summon) and kill the enemy an error appears. Also the weapon glitch I previously posted about is also still happening. Here's a Vid of the glitches:
  14. Placing object anywhere.

    I've been testing with an event for a while, trying to get it to locate my player x and y location and then summon under me, but it only works out in one map because the event has to be created over in every map, its so annoying, so i was wondering if anyone know a better way of doing it? Thanks...
  15. Yawgmoth

    Automatically casting animation at start of battle?

    Hi all, So I have a party size of 4. I want only the party leader to be visible at the start of combat and perform the casting action while an animation appears beneath party member 2, 3, and 4 making them suddenly appear and then the animation stop. I want all of this to take effect before the...
  16. Jellicoe

    Help with sumrndm Summon core plugin

    So I am trying to make a summong spell using sumrndm summon core plug-in. I make a magic spell summon and followed his instructions. If don’t specify the X and Y placement of the character, the spell at least shows up but when I click on the spel to activate it I get an error saying X not...
  17. ovate

    RTP Summon Spirits (8 Battlers)

    I extracted these from animations to make use of what's available, each can be used for battler. Element: Dark, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Thunder, Water, Wind Note: preview image is based on the size for VX Ace. There is a size for MV prepared in dropbox link. Since these are part of animation...
  18. Mooshry

    MOG_Theatrhythm Summon System?

    So, i'm making a game based on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Which will be non-commercial, of course.) and i need a summon system that works differently to the one in the actual game. In the actual game, since there's time in it, a summon appears at a certain time. But i want my summon to appear...
  19. Clockwarkgate

    Character Cameos from other's series

    With evil intentions and legit consent. I was thinking of asking other rpg maker developers to feature one of their characters to appear as "Summon" in my game. No dialog and its non-canon. With all credits to respective owners, and NO i will make my own sprite and artwork to match the game's...
  20. Outrightsmile

    RMVXA Innocence, Always [In Development]

    Engine: RMVXA Genre: Story Based Action/Adventure All the links! www.*******.com/Supergirl050 (Defs check this out if this tickles your fancy!) www.tumblr.com/blog/innocencealways (A blog I started for Innocence, Always) www.twitter.com/Supergirl050 (I'm a huge Twitter monger...

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