1. KrimsonKatt

    How do you easily see what assets are used in your project?

    So in my project I have a bunch of assets that I think I'm not using. However, I'm afraid I actually AM using some of the assets I would delete, which would cause my game to crash. Now I know that in later version of MV there is a feature that supposedly strips down your project to only use the...
  2. Kristina

    RMMV SumRndmDde Alt Menu - Move Sprite

    I'm using one of SumRndmDde's Alt menus, the one called KH (kingdom hearts) I love it because it got just the style I needed! However as seen on the picture below the actor sprite is cut off. Is there a way to move it so you can see the whole sprite?
  3. RMMV How to eval for gained Exp?

    Hi all, I'm using SumRndmDde's Battle Popup Customizer (, as it allows for custom text to appear as a popup over the battler (damage recieved, TP gained, Missed attacks etc). My damage formulas include a small amount of gained Exp (as I want to...
  4. Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded (involves SumRndmDde Game Upgrade)

    I know this question has been asked before but I haven't found an answer that suits my case. I started using SumRndmDde's Game Upgrade plugin. The phrase "reconstructing the game" scared me but I tried it anyway because it was necessary for a different plugin. I guess I had a right to be scared...
  5. SumRndmDde - Android Problems !

    Hi guys ! I try my game on android device, everything work perfectly exept 1 : I saw something about NodeJs or i don't what, but i'm not expert so i don't know if someone fix this or if it's not possible ? If someone can help me, i'll be glad ! Regards !
  6. KrimsonKatt

    YEP ATB not working

    Okay, I know what you're going to say. "But KrimsonKatt! Isn't YEP ATB is no longer supported! Of course it doesn't work!" I know that. However, there aren't that many options for ATB systems in MV, and I have continued to use Yanfly's ATB many times in many games, and it has always worked...
  7. Almightypebble

    SRD Super Tools Engine & YEP Core Engine

    Hey, guys! So I've been having the issue with the SRD Super Tools Engine where when i press F12 the menu doesn't appear. I've figured out it conflicts with YEP Core Engine and specifically the screen resolution. For some reason those settings between the plugins conflict and prevent the menu...
  8. VesperCire

    Help needed with SRD_HudMaker

    Whenever I go into a battle scene with the plugin on, I will get this error: Does anyone know how to solve this error?
  9. zerobeat032

    SumRndmDde Hud Maker Javascript Evals

    so I'm currently using SumRndmDde's hud maker in battle and was wondering a couple of things... 1. is it possible to highlight/show which actor is active? I feel I'm really close to figuring that one out.. but I don't know the Javascript Eval that would let my pictures act as a condition to...
  10. Gabrepasta

    SRD_EquipCompareUpgrade and BOB_CustomStats compability issues

    I am using the EquipCompareUpgrade to customize the stats shown in the equip window. Some of these states I want to display are custom-stats created via BOB_CustomStats and are applied to weapons. The result of trying to display these custom stats is this (stat names are in german): As you...
  11. CalebW

    Poll on Timed Attacks

    This poll is in reference to the plugin by @SumRndmDde : Time Attacks Clocks + Timed Attacks Action Sequences +Timed Attacks Core Between these plugins I have the closest way to having a "Legend of the Dragoon" Battle system, however... I wanted to see the communities thoughts. As I can always...
  12. The A-ster

    SRD_SuperToolsEngine is giving me troubles!

    Hey! So I have been using this plugin for months now, but all of the sudden, it only opens the console upon pressing F12, and not the Super Tools menu. I have it at the top of my list of plugins and have the plugin's latest version as well. Any help? Thanks!
  13. HUD Maker – MV Plugin variable conditionals

    Hello, I just wanted to ask whether its possible to use variable conditionals for HUD elements in plugin. More specifically, is it possible to make a certain HUD element appear/change when a variable reaches a specific value? For example a day and night cycle would...
  14. cub36

    Question about SumRndmDde's HUD MAKER

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to have a text piece in HUD maker return different texts based on the value of a variable. For example I have a variable for the characters temperature set up and want to display it as a word on the HUD. It is a simple system where if...
  15. Alessandro Alberti

    How to only change clothing in SRD-Character Creator?

    I have a big issue! I need to use the SRD-Dynamic Actor EX plugin, but I can't without letting the player change the pg graphics itself, with the SRD-Character Creator EX plugin. I so decided to let the player change only the clothing and other stuff without changing the actual physical...
  16. Rhino

    Update to SRD-Character Creators [27/8] New Eyebrows + Updated Eyes + Cloak

    Welcome! This thread contains graphic fixes and new pieces for SRD-Character Creator and the latest version, SRD- Character Creator EX. Both have different layouts, so please be sure to download the right files for the plugin you're using! Extended Image Pack For CCEX Currently Contains...

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