1. Servidion

    Add additional stats to SumRdmDde's StatDistribution plugin?

    So I'm using SRDude's StatDistribution plugin here and I am curious if there's a way to add some of Yanfly's stats to it. Examples include: Armor Penetration % - Critical Damage Multiplier % -...
  2. Servidion

    (Solved, mostly) Parameter for element amplify/magnify/absorb and critical damage?

    So I found a great plugin from SumRndmDde called Equip Comparison Upgrade, and I would like to add some additional stats, but I have no idea even where to look in the JS file. It's all jibberish to me. I want to add the following from Yanfly's plugins: -Elemental Absorb (From the Element Core...
  3. DMIgames

    MOG Time System + Map Title Issue

    *CONSOLE SHOT BELOW* So I am using Mog's time system and SumRndmDde title map background plugins, everything works fine with the time system on a regular map but if i try the title screen i get an error like this: Of course I added the tags to disable the time system from functioning on...
  4. Script for plugin command

    Hello! I'm hoping to execute this plugin command through Java script, so that I can replace the arguments (I think thats what theyr're called) with game variables. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think plugin commands support java script or text-based variable calls... The plugin command...
  5. Tatsumaro

    SumRndmDde - Character Creator characters in a cut scene

    If you are using Character Creator + Dynamic Actors to serve as a Visual Equipment im sure that you just realize that you cant have all character, in all armors, whit all weapons in a walk.png to call whit a BIG Conditional Branch. Now imagine that you have to create 4. I fond a solution...
  6. firestalker

    SumRndmDde's Stat Distribution Addition... Please? This has almost all the features I'm looking for in a Stat Distribution... Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to make your own Stats and add them to the list. Something like Alistair's Ability Distribution plugin...
  7. Chaos17

    HUDS for SumRndmDde plugin HUD Maker plugin

    This HUD was made and tested for SumRndmDde plugin HUD. Edit: You can use these HuDs with other plugins, I just suggested the one which is the easiest, in my opinion, to use for newbies. It's a really easy plugin to use, you literally just kinda drag and drop your pictures and there is a...
  8. Tatsumaro

    Plugin fix request: SRD_CharacterCreator

    I finally give up of Visual Equipment! , I don’t have the knowledge to repair that plugin alone. So now I’m adapting SumRndmDde Character Creator + Dynamic Actors and I can make this work for my game. BUT I need a way to Dynamic Actors to function without going through the Character Creator.
  9. styx92

    SumRndmDde Camera Core Problem

    I get the camera core plugin from SumRndmDde and i have the problem, that if i zoom in and now the camera dont follow the actor in the edge of any map. I cant see the wall or anything thats in the corner of the map. If i go some tiles in the center of the map the camera works perfectly and...
  10. Rink27

    Edit SumRndmDde's Switch Shop

    Pluggin: How can I edit the code to allow the party to gain the bought item? I'm looking at the code from line 296. I added the fourth line: Scene_SwitchShop.prototype.doBuy = function(number) { $gameParty.loseGold(this._item[2])...
  11. Can't get SumRndmDde's Skillshot plugin to work with Yanfly's ( or ANY other plugin) to get the resu

    I've got 5 different abilities where I've tested all sorts of things, as you can see in the editor of the skills. Plugins used: I think I've been pretty thorough in this post, but here is the example project download so you can test it yourself...
  12. SumRndmDde

    SRD Character Creator

    Character Creator by SumRndmDde Version 1.00 What This Plugin Does: Essentially, this plugin adds an in-game character generator. It allows players to create a character by selecting various pieces from various categories and they can be assigned to certain Actors to be...
  13. Biestmann

    SumRndmDde Character Creator Compability Fix

    SumRndmDde recently released an amazing character creator plugin, which however and unfortunately has a number of compability issues. I and others have already contacted him about these issues, but it is of course up to him whether he wants to put in the work for something not immediately...
  14. SumRndmDde

    Object Pushing Mechanic/Puzzle Tutorial

    Object Pushing Puzzle Tutorial by SumRndmDde This is a tutorial that teaches you how to make a smoother "pushing" mechanic for events. Using this, one can create puzzles, systems, and other evented features that feel a lot smoother than the usual "Push and Wait" system that comes...
  15. SumRndmDde

    Timed Attack: Wheel

    Timed Attack: Wheel by SumRndmDde Version 1.00     What This Plugin Does: Adds a new Timed Attack system that replicates the system from the game "Magna Carta: Tears of Blood". This sets up a ring of commands that must be completed as they cycle towards the...
  16. GoodSelf

    Issue with Party Manager/Pokemon Trainer Sprite Plugin

    Hello all, I'm having a problem when using the Pokemon Trainer Sprite Plugin by Sumrndmdde and Party Manager Plugin by Yanfly. The issue is that I believe the plugin by Sunrndmdde is overwriting the actor sprites in the database that Yanfly's plugin uses next to the actor names in the party...
  17. SumRndmDde

    Timed Attack: Mash

    Timed Attack: Mash by SumRndmDde Version 1.00     What This Plugin Does: Adds a new Timed Attack system that requires the Player to mash a button to get a gauge to a certain point. Basic Setup: This Plugin requires the Timed Attack Core. Have both the...
  18. SumRndmDde

    Window Skin Option

    Window Skin Option by SumRndmDde Version 1.00   What This Plugin Does: By default, an RPG Maker MV game can only have one Window Skin assigned to it. However, using this Plugin, the Player can select the Window Skin for their own within the Options Menu. How...
  19. SumRndmDde

    SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    Timed Attack Core by SumRndmDde Version 1.21     Version 1.10 Update Video: What This Plugin Does: In the game, Undertale, whenever the Player chooses to attack, they must preform a quick, mini-game in which a small bar moves across a window that is...
  20. SumRndmDde

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series

    RPG Maker MV Beginner Tutorial Series The following is a video series that is intended for beginners of the RPG Maker MV program. Each video is about five to ten minutes long and they can be grouped into various overall subjects. I would recommend this to anyone unfamiliar with RPG Maker. :)

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