support needed

  1. Dungeonmind

    Still no update for MV?

    Personally, I find it very concerning we don't have an update for MV yet It's been close to 5 months I think I would have to go back to really old emails to get exact dates... I mean is this how it's going to be? Once you have a new game engine the rest don't matter? I have contacted rm support...
  2. CleanWater

    Releasing Commecial Game With a Partner

    Hello, I'm back to developing games, but now I'm not alone. I'm working with a friend, who is in charge of the custom scripts, OS porting, etc, while I take care of the custom graphics, gameplay and such. We both acquired RPG Maker MV on Steam and if I recall well, I need to send an email with...
  3. Masterbrge

    Trying to make windmill of Pandamaru work, but I just dont know how

    Hello, Im a complete new soul in this world of rpgmaker. I had been using some tutorials and my little brain to advance by creating the game what I had been focused to do since a lot of time ago (but that I hadnt tried to do until now). I have the story, the knowledge, and a grammar who makes me...
  4. Zgana

    Generator Parts not Loading

    Hi! I know this is a pretty common issue for newbies like myself, but I've been trying to follow tutorials (renaming files before copying into the generator file etc.) and still can't get my new parts to load on the Character Generator... :rswt:rswt:rswt Been wanting to tear my hair out for...
  5. Daeva

    How can I add a Character Name Input when pressing Start?

    Hey I'm super new to all of this, just got RPG Maker MV yesterday.. I've tried searching around but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I'd like to make a Character Name Input window appear when pressing Start. Pretty much exactly like the old Dragon Quest games. Press "Start" and it...
  6. Alkaline

    Failing to initialize the game data/Map001.json

    Hey RPG Makers, I just finished installing Yanfly's plugins, however when I went to test my game I keep getting this error... Any ideas what's causing it/how can I fix this? Thank you all, Alkaline
  7. GiantHurtBall

    AppCrash RPGMV (Steam) caused by Qt5WebEngineCore.dll

    Hi there, The software closes with no error message given and can also happen during saving the project leading to loss of the current session and sometimes corrupting the data files. Crashes can be within 5 minutes to every hour between crashes. Faulting application name: RPGMV.exe, version...
  8. White Screen Issue (SOLVED!)

    So I tried looking around for an answer to this problem but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask. Recently my game wasn't being able to be read. At first it was just the game.rpgproject thing, which I fixed, but then none of my other files were working. I fixed this by going into a...
  9. dragon1up

    Paid plugins that lag

    This is in relation to a very similar thread of a card game battle plugin lagging and not working as advertised. So you may be wondering why another thread, well quite simply I'm looking for support in terms of how best to optimize Java scripting and how to optimize said plugins. But Dragon1up...
  10. nahubun

    Help with Plugin Battle Animation SV

    Using Yanfly Battle engine and its extensions. Want to use different side view action animations for different skills with the same skill type. ex: Character Mary has the skill type magic. She has two magic skills, 'Abrakadabra' and 'Alakazam'. These are both in the magical skill type and...
  11. Sajai-D-Halo

    Potion Problems (Fails to heal as specified in Effects Tab)

    Hey everyone, So I'm working on my first project and I'm having issues with Healing/Recovery items in my game. None of them heal/recover the specified value that it says in the effects tab. I started to run battle tests to simulate this issue. I have a Potion that is meant to heal 50 HP...
  12. Tagumon

    Sigil Switch Menu System - RPG Maker MV Battling

    I'm not sure if this is possible in RPG Maker MV or if it's even possible with plug-ins... But after a long period of thought, I decided to speak up and ask here for Support with this idea. ----------------------------------------------- My idea or plug-in / what I'm trying to do...
  13. Relianna

    My chracters are under the please?

    So I was testing out my maps, mostly just making them connect to one another when I notice the characters sit under these railway tracks. I'm still learning the program, so i'm not really sure how to go about fixing this. Can anyone help? I was hoping they'd walk on top of it when I created...
  14. AlanLane

    Old Forum Store Question

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to find our old purchases made to the forum store? I had bought some things when I had member+ for the bonus deals, and stupidly lost key information. I have all the files, but not sure where the credit lists are because they're off in other...
  15. Critical hit sound effect and general effects

    For a long time now I've been looking around for a plugin that would allow me to add in a sound effect (and maybe a picture) every single time a critical hit is triggered. The only thing I could find was a dead link that was shut down due to the "creator" stealing code. Then I thought, why don't...
  16. YEP Quest Journal not working on Android deployment. Any ideas?

    I recently deployed my game to android, and it seems that the quest journal doesn't work. It does not appear at all and seems not to be installed. Can someone help me fix this or explain what is going on? Thanks in advance!
  17. Altrana

    This Is Either a Bug or I'm Just Stupid

    So, I bought the Time Fantasy pack for RM MV and put the tiles in the designated folders. (The files used from I'll include pictures of the file placements below. After I finished doing a tiny bit of transporting my old landscaping into the pack, I decided to test it out...

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