1. JulianMaiz

    Change frequency/speed of footstep sounds in YEP_FootstepSounds.js

    Hello, currently new to RPGMaker and I'm kinda struggling with the YEP_FootstepSounds.js plugin. It feels a bit awkward when the character is walking around since the footstep sound effect plays so frequently. I tried adding a few seconds of silence in the .ogg file but it still plays...
  2. iCed

    [SOLVED] Characters names don't show up in Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin

    Hi there, I'm a newbie in RMMV, and started making my first RPG, where you can name your character with the Name Input Processing. Works great in the dialogue boxes. But when I use the (great by the way!) Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin, and I write the correct \N[1], \N[2] etc. codes instead of...
  3. Luuskamunez

    I losted my game master folder when i had to format my computer

    I had to format my computer and forgot to get the master folder for my game. Practically all I have is .exe, audio folder and system, etc. (basically, I had to encrypt it to post a demo of it). How can I use what I have to continue making my game?
  4. ForbiddenKraken

    SRD_BattleGUICore - How to Keep the Status Windows on the Screen, even when Party Command is on screen

    Hi, I have a question regarding the SRD_BattleGUICore.js plugin. By default, the plugin makes the Battle Status Windows hidden from the screen whenever a turn is over and whenever the party commands of Fight and Escape appear on screen. The question is what do I exactly need to modify in order...
  5. PrideOfTheForbidion

    commercical use maker only?

    Hi, im looking at buying some of the Tilesets, though i cant work out the meaning of some of the icons, and i cant find anything explaining them, the game that im designing, i am intending on selling, Fairy Town Pack this is one of the ones im looking at, though mainly for editing and creating...
  6. I didn't get my activation key

    I bought the game recently and when I went to my mail I couldn't find the key, I checked everywhere including the spams. Is there a way to get my key ?
  7. Can't launch my game

    I'm having an issue where when I try to launch my game I'm told the file was deleted. M files are in the correct order and I can't launch with another browser. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. How to skip Skill Menu and just show Skills?

    Hey everybody, I'm back with another question. So, I'm using basically most of Yanfly's amazing plugins and have a question in just the main menu. So, in battle, when selecting the skills command, it just shows usable skills immediately and you can pick whatever. However, in the main menu...
  9. Yanfly ATB Plug-In Casting Time Question

    Hey everybody, I hope this is the right place to post this but, I have a problem (need ideas) on what to do with Yanfly's ATB Battle System. Basically, I've got everything else running perfect and pretty but, my only grip is there doesn't seem to be a way to manually change a character's charge...
  10. swolmart

    small problem

    hey yall i got a small problem i had a rootkit virus on my computer so i had to reset my whole computer to get rid of it and i saved all of my stuff that i had before and i grabbed the setup for rpg maker mv thinking "that might be enough to save it" i'm looking through the forum now and it...
  11. JSON Keeping all text centred

    Is there anyway to do text alignment in VNM? I am trying to align all the text to the centre of the message box Kind of like how this is all centred now Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  12. MV Playtest White Screen Bug

    Hello everybody, I've encountered the white screen bug while launching a playtest despite having no prior issues playtesting previously, in the many days I've been working on this project. Most information regarding this bug suggests to update display drivers - I'm already on the latest drivers...
  13. Elise727

    So, I Broke the Character Generator...

    I was going through the forum for resources; added some, deleted some, put some back and now I've gotten into a massive tangled mess in which no icons show up at all--Not even the bodies. Can anyone help, please? :kaosigh:
  14. VHackett

    New here, need help with visual (weapon) equipment.

    Ahead of time, not sure if this is posted in the right area but if not I am sorry. I am the guitarist for the band ODISSIA I've been messing around with maybe making us a game to go along with a concept series. I have been using the QABS ABS system and honestly it's been doing great, but...
  15. UnderYourCloset

    More issues with deployment, missing files?

    Basically I tried deploying my game to Mac and Windows. The Mac one won't load some plugins, and the .exe file won't open at all. I didn't exclude unused files and I also tried to make sure everything is updated. I even followed the instructions in this post here for updating a project...
  16. MaxDracyre

    I need help creating a Job Points Skill Shop (RPG Maker MV)

    I was trying to make Yanfly's Job Points (+Learn Skills) system work with the Skill Shop plugin in an Event. Is there any way I can do this? If not, is there an alternative? I'm surprised after a lot of digging that not many people have had trouble doing this like I have.
  17. fritozy

    Face assets not loading in messages during If-then statements

    Just as stated above, there seems to be an issue when trying to get a face to load next to a message if it's a message transitioning down a continuous event in RPG Maker MV, and occasionally at the start of a conversation, without an error. My custom face asset displays fine at the beginning of...
  18. VitaliaDi

    OCS Menu Files Tab

    I'm trying to customize my in-game menu and I've finally gotten a good plugin that matches what I need: the OCS Menu plugin by Alanderson Zelindro da Rosa. I'm wondering what the file tab menu connects to. The item menu obviously updates when your inventory has an item added to it. I want to...
  19. Change in game language

    Is it possible to rename in game words? For example I want to change the menu so it does not say weapon but something else like in a foreign language. Thanks in advance.
  20. OktoberLove

    TYPE ERROR: when loading file through script call

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm using Alpha ABS and whenever I load a game file using script call I get Type Error: Cannot Read Property of "length" undefined. Regular loading is fine however I don't plan to use the default loading menu in my game. I will rely solely on script...

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