1. Having an issue with playtesting

    Hello there. This is actually my first post :). I’m having an issue where when I press the playtest button, nothing happens. Occasionally it will just ask me if I’d like to save my recent changes, but then nothing happens when I press yes. I use an ASUS Vivobook laptop if that’s important.
  2. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    Hello World, Forgive me if this question has already been answered, I am new to RPG Maker. I am trying to use Variables and Common Events to accomplish a monster evolution event using an item that calls on a common event. In the common event, I am trying to have logic get the SELECTED party...
  3. RTP Support

    I'm sure y'all get plenty of posts asking about RTP issues, but I've been scrolling thru forums looking for answers for over an hour now and have found nothing. So here I am asking directly! I've been trying to run some Yume Nikki fangames developed on the RPG Maker 2003 engine, and keep running...
  4. Nick-44

    How to import RM2k/2k3 maps to MV?

    Is there a way to import RM2k3 maps to MV, using the tools offered from EasyRPG?
  5. Yukkito

    RMMV Animated Icon

    Greetings! I would like to ask one thing. Turning around many the forum, I noticed that for RPG Maker VxAce there is a very nice and interesting Plugin: it allows you to use animated icons, thus making the game less monotonous and very interesting! Animated Icons v1.0 By Vlue So, is there a...
  6. RMMV Failed to Create linear gradient HELP

  7. Custom Save/Load images?

    Hello, I've been struggling a bit with something and hopefully, someone out here can lend a hand! So, I have limited the project I'm working on to 3 save/load slots. When you save it creates an image of where you were, basically a screenshot. The problem with this is that the quality of said...
  8. MV not working with big sur

    Just got rpg maker mv and it isn't loading. I have big sur and it will show the splash screen, disappear, and then crash. Idk what to do. I was gonna contact support but I got it on steam and couldn't find the product key.
  9. A bit confused about Importing my game to steam from VX Ace

    Heyo! I'm a kid starting on RPG maker, and I'm making my first game right now. For now, I've been using the free trial version of VX Ace, and I want to buy this on steam. The problem is, as stated in the title, I can't find stuff online about moving your game files from the trial version to...
  10. need help with a conditional branch.

    nvm i fixed it.
  11. Dangerous_meme

    Custom tileset questions in RPG Maker VX

    In RPG maker VX I can only have 1 custom tileset. Is it possible to use a custom tileset, then remove it and replace it with another custom tileset all within the same project? Im asking because I want to create different kingdoms that all look a bit different from one another. If this is not...
  12. DarkSearinox92

    RMMV YEP Quest Journal System (Addon?)

    Hi guys. Do you know if there is a way to show up a summary of the quest with "accept" or "refuse"? If it's not provided, is it difficult create a "addon" for have this feature? I mean, you talk with an NPC and then a windows appear, that is the same windows that you will see in the Quest...
  13. DarkPlasmaBall

    RMMV SRD's Battle Pop-up Not Working For TP Damage

    Hi everyone, I'm using SumRndmDde's Battle Pop-up Customizer plug-in so that any time a battler takes damage or is healed, the appropriate numbers appear over their head. This is supposed to work for when HP is lost/gained, MP is lost/gained, and TP is lost/gained, and it works for both HP...
  14. Robert Trent

    [VXACE] Neon Black's Victory Results/Aftermath compatible with Victor Engine

    Hi everyone, I got a little of a problem with Victor Engine Battle System and Neon's Black Victory script. At the end of battle, I get a fun bit where the Commands window is opened adove the victory window, showing the battle commands (Attack, Items etc) and that's quite annoying as sometimes it...
  15. Robert Trent

    Enable/Disable Battle Commands in Victor Engine

    Hi everyone here. I am using Victor Engine as battle system for my project and now in the process of creating some sort of tutorial to explain different commands during a battle (such as attack, defende etc), and I would like to know if there's a way to disable a command via script (e.g...
  16. Starborn

    RPG Maker MV launching, but can't be opened

    The program was working fine until about last night. I had opened a new project that I was working on but had it minimized for a while. When I went to maximize the window it just wouldn't open; clicking the icon on the taskbar does nothing. Now that happens every time I try and open a project...
  17. Carogui1

    RMMV Show Buff Animation on Character - Act Sequence

    Hello, It's possible create a buff animation on character with act sequence by Yanfly? But, a animation that persists on actor during some turns. I cannot discover how to make that. I using RPG Maker MV.
  18. downloaded game failed to load audio

    hey i downloaded a game that was made in rpgmaker but when i play it i get this failed to load: error for an audio file, is there any way i can fix this myself i have rpgmaker MV but im totally new. how do i fix this?
  19. Mihnea

    How can I make status effects interact with each other?

    So what I'm looking to do is have 2 statuses that interact with each other. In my case I want to have a status named "open wound". I'd like that in the case the player has that effect and is also poisoned, the poison to deal significantly more damage than it normally would. Is there any way to...
  20. GhostXce

    Cloud Overlay + Repeating Event Issue, Please Help <3

    yo guys ive been messing with MV for a while back and fourth, and I've come across an issue im not sure how to fix. I have an overlay for cloud shadows created by an event, but i want the event to disappear when the player enters a building and return when they come back to the map, i can't...

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