1. Oscar92player

    [HELP] Deploying a game for Steam Deck

    Good day, everyone, I've been making a bit of research on this, based on the fact that RPG Maker allows to deploy games on Linux. However, I've found a few issues when trying to do the same for Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS (basically, Linux). I don't think the tutorials and help within the...
  2. allergyy

    Movie ends up pausing

    When I inserted my movie, it doesnt end. It is a WebM file and it fits the screen, but it plays and then just keeps the ending of the last frame of the movie on screen or keeps it for an extended period of time. The last frame is only about 1-2 seconds long and it keeps it on for about 5-10 seconds.
  3. Sketchguy1248

    Is there any way of making a gab window effect?

    Is there any way of making something similar to this in rpg maker 2k3? https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/gab-window/
  4. Sketchguy1248

    Character gains extra action randomly. How do I stop it.

    I'm making a LISA fangame in RPG Maker VX Ace. You can see the scripts I've used in the attached image. I've made the third party member's top command a timed button attack skill (As shown in the second image), and randomly in battle he just gets another action, he can do anything with that...
  5. Aidenmash

    Battle screen actors in wrong position?

    Yo! I'm currently working on a non-profit passion project, and I'm fairly new to RPG Maker MV. The most I've done in terms of advanced stuff is puttin' in a bunch of plug ins, but nothing that changes the game completely. But that's besides the point. My actors on the battle screen are in a...
  6. eggghh

    Weird bug. Cannot fullscreen my game

    I don't know if i tweaked one too many scripts, or what. when I attempt to fullscreen my test game, this happens: i cannot resize the window. my index.html looks like this:
  7. neopeasant

    Issues w/ Parallax

    (Trying to keep it short! <3) I threw together a test map, I want the game to have only image-backgrounds without tilesets. What's the minimum dimensions you have to make a background image before it won't repeat/parallax? Do I have to just make the background a larger void to avoid any...
  8. FAWKS

    Getting an error after transferring to new computer...

    I just bought a new laptop and planned to move my game development onto the laptop. I put the game files onto a portable SSD and transferred them. All the game files from the original folder seem to be there. The issue now is that the game will randomly crash when I'm testing. I keep getting...
  9. I'm a newbie and don't know how to use this [RMMV Plugin] Pathfinding

    some one can teach me i dont know how to use
  10. RMMV VE Loop Animation - Notes Issue

    Hello! (I hope this is in the right place - I have been here for a while but have not really posted anything so I tried to look at all the rules and searched the forums to see if there was anything closely related to this issue before posting. Thank you for your patience and guidance!) Intro...

    Hi all, I recently purchased rpg maker XP and have been having loads of fun designing maps and writing storylines for planned games, but in recent years i've found myself growing tired of turn based combat in rpgs, leaning more into games like Shining Soul II, Dark Souls 3, and A Link To The...
  12. BDruid70

    How Would I Go About Making A State That Gives The User A Specific Amount Of Guaranteed Dodges?

    Hi, I was wondering how I could create a state that gives the user a specific amount of guaranteed dodges when being attacked? Ex. The state gives the user 3 guaranteed dodges, and is guaranteed to dodge the next 3 damaging skills, but once they run out the state is removed automatically.
  13. How to make an item usable by only a single character?

    Hey! In the project I'm working on, I'm trying to have a few special armors that can only be equipped by specific party members. How would I do that? I was thinking that maybe it could be that these armors would be only usable for the special classes for those characters. Would that work?
  14. How to make a skill that deals massive damage to all enemies but kills the user

    I am fairly new to rpgmakervxace, and I was wondering if this is possible?
  15. Artisticdog

    My game is not going well (project dogquest update)

    So I just want to say I’ve been trying to make this project for 7 months now, and i keep making everything from scratch over and over again because my team doesn’t like my ideas that much, first it has to do with the characters and then the story and soon I have to redo everything because they...
  16. BDruid70

    Help Removing/Hiding/Moving The Party Command Window

    Hi, I recently downloaded a few plugins that changes the way the Battle Menu looks, and I've been trying to find a way to move or remove the "Party Command" fully. I downloaded a plugin which disables it through the "Esc" Key, but it can still be accessed by pushing the left arrow key. If I...
  17. Artisticdog

    Is rpg maker mz worth the money?

    So I heard that rpg maker mz uses JavaScript, which is easier and more widespread than ruby. And it is more updated, I have been using rpg maker vx ace and xp and I wonder if it’s really worth it and would the support be better if I use the most recent version. Is it worth the 80 dollars. I’m...
  18. RMMV tileset doesn't work

    hey all, I have copied the standard "Outside_B" tileset and the text file, to customize it a bit. I changed the names to "Outside_Bedit" I put it in the tileset folder and I followed a tutorial. I changed quite a lot in the upper-right corner and the middle-left sections of the tileset file, I...
  19. RMMZ blank white screen keep going further off screen and will not work no matter what I do?

    I've seen people post about this before, and I tried their things. Inserting a openGL dll, I can't update my graphics driver, and it broke while i was dragging it. I was trying to drag it over to my 2nd monitor, when it froze and had half of the screen blank. I thought it was a glitch and...
  20. Artisticdog

    Need some ideas for battle system to make it unique and workable,(and what I got so far) project dogquest.

    So, what makes a battle system good. One thing it has to be unique, and second it has to be engaging to play. I’m looking for ideas on what to do with this battle system so far, basically, you press a. Button at the right time to raise the attack, and press d when an enemy attacks at the right...

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