1. Sketchguy1248

    How do I make an attribute separate from type?

    I want to make moves similar to the ranger abilities in Bravely Default, moves that do little damage to enemies that don't fit a certain qualification (Such as aquatic, beast, humanoid etc.) but deal high damage if the target does fill that quality. I know I could use battle events in the troop...
  2. Thorn/Spike Effect

    I have been trying to get a thorn/spike state into my game project though I have not had much success. I've tried to use the Yanfly Thronmail tutorial (http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Thornmail_(MV_Plugin_Tips_%26_Tricks)) though it does not work on MZ based on my attempts. I can get a state onto the...
  3. Problem using BattleManager.actor (MV)

    Hello, I am trying to display my actors' portraits during battle the following way : - When actor A is choosing an action, display portrait actor A - When actor B is choosing an action, display portrait actor B - etc... After some research, I discovered that I need to use...
  4. Unknown crash

    So a today i just found out i cant open RPG XP Maker at all, it just stays pitch black for a few seconds and then it closes down, there is no error message or anything, it just does that everytime i open either the software or any game made with RPGXP, i have no idea why that happens, specially...
  5. RPG Maker MV Constant Crashes on Windows

    I've been trying to find a fix for this issue but nothing I've found worked and most threads I visited were dead ends. Whenever I work on an RPG Maker game specifically on my desktop, it often crashes without warning and is also very inconsistent. Sometimes it freezes for a couple of seconds...
  6. briimstones

    RMMV view bobbing sinking below map

    howdy, I'm trying to implement view bobbing in rpg maker 3D it's going okay at best https://cutievirus.itch.io/mv3d (this is the plugin, i cant send it by itself because it's paid and that would be wrong) like how minecraft has it to where the camera moves up and down when you walk forward...
  7. BDruid70

    How Do I Make Luck Affect Critical Multiplier, Critical Evasion & Evasion?

    Hi, so I saw this brought up in threads a couple times but never found a solution. I want my luck stat to essentially act as buffer for sub parameters to give it some versatility and have it be valuable. What I want is for my Luck Stat to affect my Critical Multiplier, Critical Evasion, &...
  8. Question before purchase/trial due to expire

    Hi! I've been using the VN Maker 30 day free trial and really like the program. I'm willing to buy it on Steam as it's on sale right now at a price I can afford! I'm just concerned about losing progress. I've put a lot of hours into my project on the free trial. If I buy Visual Novel Maker on...
  9. togemet

    Hitboxes being Weird and in RPG Maker MZ

    In RPG maker MZ for some objects the hitboxes seem to be really really long as you can see in this video, how do i fix this! when i go near the wall it just stops me and has this bizarre hitbox!
  10. Player Looking Direction System?

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to make a system that indicates where the player is looking example: LOOKING DOWN LOOKING UP LOOKING LEFT LOOKING RIGHT
  11. RMMV DreamX State Descriptions all out of order.

    So I'm using DreamX's State Descriptions plugin, and for some reason all the states are out of order. I cannot figure out for the life of me why- they're properly ordered in the Passive States list (Using Yanfly's Auto Passive States as well.) No matter what I do, it just seems to get mixed up...
  12. KattuSlayer

    Disco Elysium like Vertical Message Box

    Is there a way to make a vertical message box where the player is able to see the log if she scrolls up? Like Disco Elysium or Backbone etc.. Backlog functions don't let any customization be made on it.
  13. Oscar92player

    [HELP] Deploying a game for Steam Deck

    Good day, everyone, I've been making a bit of research on this, based on the fact that RPG Maker MV you allows to deploy games on Linux. However, I've found a few issues when trying to do the same for Steam Deck, which uses SteamOS (basically, Linux). I don't think the tutorials and help...
  14. allergyy

    Movie ends up pausing

    When I inserted my movie, it doesnt end. It is a WebM file and it fits the screen, but it plays and then just keeps the ending of the last frame of the movie on screen or keeps it for an extended period of time. The last frame is only about 1-2 seconds long and it keeps it on for about 5-10 seconds.
  15. Sketchguy1248

    Is there any way of making a gab window effect?

    Is there any way of making something similar to this in rpg maker 2k3? https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/gab-window/
  16. Sketchguy1248

    Character gains extra action randomly. How do I stop it.

    I'm making a LISA fangame in RPG Maker VX Ace. You can see the scripts I've used in the attached image. I've made the third party member's top command a timed button attack skill (As shown in the second image), and randomly in battle he just gets another action, he can do anything with that...
  17. Aidenmash

    Battle screen actors in wrong position?

    Yo! I'm currently working on a non-profit passion project, and I'm fairly new to RPG Maker MV. The most I've done in terms of advanced stuff is puttin' in a bunch of plug ins, but nothing that changes the game completely. But that's besides the point. My actors on the battle screen are in a...
  18. eggghh

    Weird bug. Cannot fullscreen my game

    I don't know if i tweaked one too many scripts, or what. when I attempt to fullscreen my test game, this happens: i cannot resize the window. my index.html looks like this:
  19. neopeasant

    Issues w/ Parallax

    (Trying to keep it short! <3) I threw together a test map, I want the game to have only image-backgrounds without tilesets. What's the minimum dimensions you have to make a background image before it won't repeat/parallax? Do I have to just make the background a larger void to avoid any...
  20. FAWKS

    Getting an error after transferring to new computer...

    I just bought a new laptop and planned to move my game development onto the laptop. I put the game files onto a portable SSD and transferred them. All the game files from the original folder seem to be there. The issue now is that the game will randomly crash when I'm testing. I keep getting...

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