1. Carogui1

    RMMV Show Buff Animation on Character - Act Sequence

    Hello, It's possible create a buff animation on character with act sequence by Yanfly? But, a animation that persists on actor during some turns. I cannot discover how to make that. I using RPG Maker MV.
  2. downloaded game failed to load audio

    hey i downloaded a game that was made in rpgmaker but when i play it i get this failed to load: error for an audio file, is there any way i can fix this myself i have rpgmaker MV but im totally new. how do i fix this?
  3. Mihnea

    How can I make status effects interact with each other?

    So what I'm looking to do is have 2 statuses that interact with each other. In my case I want to have a status named "open wound". I'd like that in the case the player has that effect and is also poisoned, the poison to deal significantly more damage than it normally would. Is there any way to...
  4. GhostXce

    Cloud Overlay + Repeating Event Issue, Please Help <3

    yo guys ive been messing with MV for a while back and fourth, and I've come across an issue im not sure how to fix. I have an overlay for cloud shadows created by an event, but i want the event to disappear when the player enters a building and return when they come back to the map, i can't...
  5. Mihnea

    How to display a dialouge image depending on who's in the party?

    For example I wish to have the text "123" show up, and the image besides it change depending on who's in the party and in which position. If the rogue is in front, his actor image will appear besides the text. If the healer is in front, her actor image will appear besides the text. Is there any...
  6. razzored

    importing using shaz lazy tile script

    So i have this problem, that whenever i put the importfiles inside graphics/tilesets they are deleted the second i save. I have not found anyway to do this without them being deleted, they also cannot be imported since they are not image files.
  7. Mihnea

    How do I get a semi-transparent tile not to overlay on top of everything else?

    So I have this custom tileset, which includes a semi-transparent black square (used to create shadows). It works well in the editor (pictured on the left) But when I play the game it just puts itself on the top layer (Pictured on the right). The shadow is marked with a star in the tileset, so...
  8. Nisshoku

    RMMZ - Black Screen With Custom Icon Set (SOLVED)

    EDIT: So apparently after being slightly frustrated I was clicking intensely tab after tab in the database while thinking of a solution and all of a sudden they started working? I have no idea what caused the issue, or how I fixed it, but it seems to be working fine all of a sudden. So I am...
  9. Mihnea

    Getting permadeath working/getting a common event to run at the end of every turn

    So, title explains all of it. I have this common event with conditional branches for if a character enters the knockout state (reaches 0 hitpoints) some dialouge will be shown and then the member will be removed from the party. However I have trouble getting it to work past turn 1. (If I run the...
  10. ItsMeSam

    Moghunter's Ring Menu with Yanfly's plugins

    I've really wanted to use Moghunter's Ring Menu from his BattleCommands plugin for such a long time now, but I always have to use his BattleHUD with it, and that's never compatible with my games, since I use a lot of Yanfly's plugins. I know that was the dumbest thing I've ever said, but don't...
  11. ScorchedGround

    Lighting plugin help (LNM_LightingTool and exiting the menu)

    Hello everyone. I am using LNM_LightingTool to create some basic lighting to lift up the atmosphere. It works fine in every regard. However one thing that bugs me is that whenever I delete an event that has lighting, the lighting disappears, just how I want it to. The thing is, when I open the...
  12. BGarriz

    Berserker skill creation

    Hi guys After many research about the topic i came to the conclussion that i'll need yanfly target core to make it but i can't afford to buy it so i am trying solutions to finally create it: The skill (Berserk from now on) need to be a passive in which the actor use the skill whenever another...
  13. parallel process won't always work as intended...

    Hello! So...I have a little issue with a parallel process event: The idea is to make a "stealth run" minigame, where the player must avoid the people's sight view range. The problem is that sometimes the event actually trigger while I move in front of it, while other times I can just walk past...
  14. Lo0bo0

    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Hello, I need help to delete an animation. I have a scene where at some moment an animation is played. I add this animation to the scene via the command: Show Animation. But then how do I delete it?, I haven´t found a way to delete it, once the scene continues and I no longer want the...
  15. JulianMaiz


  16. iCed

    [SOLVED] Characters names don't show up in Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin

    Hi there, I'm a newbie in RMMV, and started making my first RPG, where you can name your character with the Name Input Processing. Works great in the dialogue boxes. But when I use the (great by the way!) Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin, and I write the correct \N[1], \N[2] etc. codes instead of...
  17. Luuskamunez

    I losted my game master folder when i had to format my computer

    I had to format my computer and forgot to get the master folder for my game. Practically all I have is .exe, audio folder and system, etc. (basically, I had to encrypt it to post a demo of it). How can I use what I have to continue making my game?
  18. ForbiddenKraken

    SRD_BattleGUICore - How to Keep the Status Windows on the Screen, even when Party Command is on screen

    Hi, I have a question regarding the SRD_BattleGUICore.js plugin. By default, the plugin makes the Battle Status Windows hidden from the screen whenever a turn is over and whenever the party commands of Fight and Escape appear on screen. The question is what do I exactly need to modify in order...
  19. PrideOfTheForbidion

    commercical use maker only?

    Hi, im looking at buying some of the Tilesets, though i cant work out the meaning of some of the icons, and i cant find anything explaining them, the game that im designing, i am intending on selling, Fairy Town Pack this is one of the ones im looking at, though mainly for editing and creating...
  20. I didn't get my activation key

    I bought the game recently and when I went to my mail I couldn't find the key, I checked everywhere including the spams. Is there a way to get my key ?

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