1. Asaous

    Event Broken

    Hi, so I have created an event to make it so that when spoken to and you have a certain quest it completes and moves on to the next set of dialogue using labels but for some reason it skips to the choice after the dialogue, can anyone take a look at it and help? Game.rar
  2. Asaous

    Battle Order Switched

    Hi, so when a battle initiates it starts out fine but then as attacks are exchanged it says stuff like " Slime dealt 66 points of damage to you" even though I attacked it and when it attacks me it says I did damage to it. Could someone help with this?
  3. Deathspecter

    [ACE] Help with Napoleon's Scripts

    Hi everyone, I just started to use Napoleon's Game Variable Display and it works like a charm. However, I need someone to help me doing this: In the image you'll see the script working good. However, I would like it to have a "%" on front of the number displayed, and I also would like a bit...
  4. The_Exiled_One

    Problem With Khas's Lighting Effects

    I've been trying to use Khas's Lighting Effects, but I've been having an odd problem that I can't seem to solve. I set up a light changer to have my room dark with the script, but whenever I try to go to the next room, I can't move. The way I set it up was that the lighting would change and the...
  5. [ACE] Adding variable numbers to text variables? ($game_variables[1] = "Current time: \$game_variabl

    As a basic question, I'm asking how to add data to text, like $game_variables[3] = 5$game_variables[1] = ""$game_variables[1] += "Eagle number \$game_variables[3]"in hopes of having the variable equal "Eagle number 5" instead of "Eagle number $game_variables[3]". For a longer explanation...
  6. [ACE] (Yanfly Field States) Calling a field state with a script call instead of just a skill? I assume somewhere in this script there is a part where a skill activates a field state. Normally, only skills can activate them. I would like to know how to replicate that with a...
  7. Funplayer

    Snippet - Directory Of Scripts v1-2

    What is this script? This script allows you to create a directory of scripts outside the script editor built into the RPG Makers, while still having the ability to evaluate within the RPG Maker's file structure. How would this help me? IDE are programs that can assist with what you need to do...
  8. exzackly

    Dear Forum Administrator

    To whomever it may concern, After reading several interesting articles in GameInformer about the development of technology and the gaming industry as a whole, it is really exciting to see a game like RPG Maker getting released on Steam.  This game has a lot of potential to be something great as...
  9. [VXA] Making a common event party command with Yanfly Battle Command List? (or another script)

    So I'm using Battle Command List which allows for custom handlers but I cannot figure out how to make custom party commands. For example, Escape is a party command. But I'd also like the ability to do things like...
  10. Zededd

    NeonBlack's Battle and State Graphics help please

    Hello folks I just added the Battle and state graphics scripts (from what I can tell, in the exact place they're supposed to go) Sadly... there's where my skill runs out... I don't know how to calibrate either to use the graphics I've made and I have pretty much zero experience in scripting...
  11. [CLOSED] RPG Maker DS/DS+ DLC Question

    Hi so i've bought the DS and DS+ pack and I had one small question. When I use the scripts that came with the DLC do I need to give credit to the creator of the script? I'm unsure about the answer... Thanks in advance! --Destrik
  12. Korimax

    Dealing a Percentage of Damage

    Okay basically I am asking how exactly I set up a battle formula when I want a skill to deal 50% of the target's current HP, I know how to do total HP by using a Negative Heal, but I don't know how to use Current HP. Also if it is at all possible, I was wondering if it were possible for skills...
  13. Waxee

    Increasing One Parameter By Another Parameter

    Hi everyone. I've been looking through forum posts and yet haven't been able to find a solution to my problem. Basically I need a skill that would add the value of one parameter to another. For example, a "[insert magic sword buffing technique here]". This would add the value of the actor's MAT...
  14. Benja

    Maps not appearing in editor

    hello, so I've been working on a game for a while with a total of 66 maps (A lot for me!) And I was working on a different project, but then I felt like working on the game in question. then steam said that the version on the computer was newer than the one on the cloud, and It asked me if I...
  15. Kuro Neko

    MOG Battle Hud EX and YEA Command Equip

    Well, when i use those script together: The Equip line show in command, and i can use it, too. It work normally. However... The Command Window and Bonus Gauge also show, even though it's in Equip Scene. Well, i won't use Schala ATB Gauge so that circle doesn't be a matter. But... Is there...
  16. TheGreenHorse

    Command window doesn't show text

    class Window_BEGGARWIN < Window_Command def initialize() super(544/4,416/4) create_command_list end def create_command_list add_command("Pay ### coins", :Hi) add_command("Pay Nothing", :Hi) add_command("Pay 100 coins", :Hi) end def window_height return 300 end def...
  17. Fixed turn order

    Hello. I've recently run into a problem and I'd like to ask for help. I'm working on a very small project with an extremely simple combat system, as I need complete control for most of the things that I have planned to work properly. I've already managed how to eliminate most random events, but...
  18. Ideas for next contest... how can we improve it

    ok so this is a thread we we can add suggestions so teh next contest goes much smoother..... first suggestion... instead of a vote system, we only have the option of rating the game on certiant critera. you must put 1 to 5 on story/graphic/ gameplay/ fun... grade them the same way that judges do.
  19. Help with finding two terms/vocab for formulas?

    For formulas and conditions, say having it so that if a damage formula with modifiers included exceeds a certain damage, there's a chance of stunning the target, among other things, there are two modifiers from 2 scripts that I don't know how to find for formulas. I'm looking for something like...
  20. Waiting For Support For 5 Days To Transfer License / Product Key?

    Hi All, The logic board was dying on my last computer, so I uninstalled RPG Maker VX Ace. When I tried to install it on my new computer, my product key was not valid. I wrote to support 5 days ago asking for a replacement product key, but I have not gotten a response. I can't work on my game...

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