1. Save map in a variable

    Hi, i'm new here, and i don't speek english, so... Sorry for my mistakes. Has some way to save the actual generate map with SAN_MapGenerator in a Variable? the full map, with events, parameters, local switch? For example...
  2. [BUG] I can't change color of the second graph animation.

    The problem is that I can't change the palette of the second group animation with RPG Maker MV. In prueba1 I am changing the palette and click OK. In prueba2 the animation color still being the same. help please
  3. Nisshoku

    RPG Maker MV Editor Stops Responding Except For Allowing Me To Close The Window

    So as the title states, for some unknown reason my RPG Maker MV has stopped working. The problem I am having is when I am in the program, I start to either add a new event or edit an existing one. However, as soon as I start editing the event, either adding or changing text and/or simple icon...
  4. Posting MY RPG Maker VX Ace game on Steam troubles

    I want to upload my Rpg maker vx ace games on to Steam, using STEAM DIRECT. The process that it says to do for all games is not my bread and butter (Due to me being used to GameJolts "Just upload the file" process). Can anyone please help me?
  5. GentleCyanide

    Overhauling/Reskinning HUD/GUI

    Hello, We're looking for a way to completely re-skin all of the HUD/GUI in RPGMaker MV, (main menu , dialogue box ,shops , battle menu) Is there any Plugin or any Javascript tutorial on how to do that? I have searched online and the only thing I saw the HUD/GUI editor from sumrndmdde...
  6. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Help with Hime's Formula Effects

    Howdy! I'm hoping someone with a little bit of scripting knowledge could help me creating a skill effect using Hime's Formula Effects script. What I'm hoping to create is a skill that is set up like: If target has state 10 set_variable[1] = 3 elseif target has state 11 set_variable[1] = 2 else...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Skill that Targets Random Ally

    Hey :) I'm running into a bit of trouble creating a skill. I am hoping to make a healing skill that heals a random (not dead) ally. Is there an easy way of doing this that I'm missing?
  8. Control Timer in Common Event

    I am trying to use Yanfly's Button Common Events to assign a stealth mode to particular button. So the bulk of the work here is in creating a stealth mode in a common event. I was thinking that I would have the screen tint to indicate the mode is active, turn on a switch that will make my enemy...
  9. Critical hit sound effect and general effects

    For a long time now I've been looking around for a plugin that would allow me to add in a sound effect (and maybe a picture) every single time a critical hit is triggered. The only thing I could find was a dead link that was shut down due to the "creator" stealing code. Then I thought, why don't...
  10. Help

    Umm... hi. I'm kinda new to this forum thing and rpg maker. But getting to the point I'd wish that someone tells me how to create your own sprite of characters and map. Please
  11. liamx2000

    Facesets not showing up at first

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is an MV engine thing or perhaps a plugin issue so I do apologize if this is wrong place When I go to test my game and I press the button that takes you to the menu screen that shows the characters face sets and their Hp and everything but face-set doesn't appear ...
  12. Making an event move to another event?

    Hello all! I'm trying to make it so an event will walk to an "exit" event, no matter where they are on the map. I know there is the "Move to Player" Movement in the Movement map, but is there a way to have the event "move to target event?" Any help would be awesome!!
  13. liamx2000

    Questions about parallaxe maps

    I am trying to do some parallaxe mapping and the image appears on the screen fine and the character can walk around on it , but after the character reaches a certain point on the map the Event Boxes that I use to block the player from moving in certain places on the map don't work , is there a...
  14. liamx2000

    Question about MOG_Master_MV download

    Hi all I need Support/Help , I recently downloaded MOG_Master_MV file and it comes with 12 Battle Hud templates and I want to use the one named 07_Arcana , So I copied and pasted the MOG_BattleHud.js That came with the Arcana folder along with the battlehud folder that holds all the graphics for...
  15. YEP Quest Journal not working on Android deployment. Any ideas?

    I recently deployed my game to android, and it seems that the quest journal doesn't work. It does not appear at all and seems not to be installed. Can someone help me fix this or explain what is going on? Thanks in advance!
  16. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Mask Picture's Value from variable

    I'm working on a set of common events to manage a simple Health Bar. One of these "Update Health Bar", has a Mask Picture command in it. It works just fine when I use a constant value, but for some reason It does not when using local variables. I've already checked if the value of the variable...
  17. FoxySeta

    [Solved?] Labels and spaghetti code

    This is kinda of an "eventing" (how is it called outside RPG Maker?:kaoswt2:) style question, but when are you actually supposed to prefer labels over conditions/loops scene commands? In high-level programming, for example, goto should be used only when: a program automatically generates code...
  18. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Setting text speed to the in-settings selected one

    So, I noticed that the {S:speed} text code does not provide a parameter for going back to the speed chosed in the Message Settings Menu. Is there a call script for that? It would also be neat to use it in a script/placeholder script macro, I guess… I'm not talking about resetting message...
  19. FoxySeta

    [Solved] Choosing a charset

    Is there a way to change the charset used by Language Configuration? That would be pretty useful to me when translating: many languages use accented characters and such (UTF-8 would be perfect). Thanks in advance!:kaojoy:
  20. Kacribus

    RPG MV : Door Creates Lines on Walls?

    My software : RPG Maker MV. Issue : Hello! I wanted to have the walls of my rooms consist of two tiles horizontally so I can have paintings fit onto my walls without looking weird or too big/crowded. I also don't want my rooms to look horizontally squished. I place down a door and everything...

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