1. Sky Usanin

    Trouble with MOGHunter's Character Poses - Player disappearing after death

    Hello, everyone. This time, I'm having yet another trouble with one of MOGHunter's Scripts. This time, it's specifically his Character Poses plugin ( and, presumably, his Chrono Engine plugin is involved with the problem as well...
  2. Questions about RMMV

    I want to create a game and I have a few questions. This game will be a MORPG (multiplayer online rpg, not a massive multiplayer online rpg) game that simulates the dinamics of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Books. The main quest will be the main quest of the books. I want players with voice...
  3. eat beans

    Not Tiled Mapping

    what is the easiest way to make maps and insert them into the game that aren’t made out of tiles. I want to make the whole entire map in my pixel art software, and then insert it into the game. Is there any way to do that?
  4. Tonko

    Player won´t move

    Hello there. I am still a noob at this software, so please bear with me if I am making a very dumb question. I recently started a project; the first thing I did was to make the first map and put the neccesary scripts and events. Then I tried it, and had a surprise; The player was not moving. I...
  5. DrinkableTrees

    Simple Common Event not appearing in conversation.

    Hey RPG MAKER Forums! I seem to be undergoing a really simple problem that I can't seem to wrap my head around. I'd really appreciate any secondhand input y'all have to offer! :) So, I have attached two images of two common events I have set up. Through many points in the game (be it through...
  6. help with IGN AI

    hello, fellow Rpg makers! I have been struggling all day with 1 problem, I made a near/impossible drake to kill and when the character attacks it does 0 dmg what is the point but then when dragon attacks he does also 0 dmg idk how to fix since drag, has 900 Att. and 700 def. and the player is...
  7. eat beans

    Add Film Grain to RPG Maker

    Is there any way to add a film grain effect to your game? I searched it up and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
  8. Cosmro

    Is there a way to set a time for GALV's Character Idle Animation ?

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way instead of triggering a event when the idle animation expires, but to trigger the idle animation after a certain amount of time. I've looked everywhere and there seems to be nothing to support that. Is there a code I could use to set the amount of time standing, to...
  9. Rhino

    (IGMC related) How to survive a tight deadline?

    A month to go. Attempting to make a complete game around an hour of competition-worthy playtime. How do you cope? Do you have any tips on how you remember to look after yourself, take breaks, keep things fun instead of stressful? I made the rash decision to enter yesterday afternoon, and since...
  10. AxulGamer

    RPG MAKER MV Steam Version EULA file is missing...

    Hello i buyed the RPG Maker MV Steam Version, but there is no legal information about the program. I search for the EULA to see what i can do and what i can't do, but in the help page the EULA file is missing(says the page was deleted or does not exist). Can you please tell me where can i see...
  11. Oscar92player

    [Solved] [Support] Question about RPG Maker MV keys

    Hello, everyone! I have a question regarding the keys for RPG Maker MV in Steam and RPG Maker Web. As I know, if you buy RPG Maker MV from RPG Maker Web, you have the option to download the standalone version with the activation key, or request a Steam key to download the program through that...
  12. alcreator440

    Yanfly's Visual State Effects Plugin Help

    Would it be possible for the actor or enemy's weapon to appear when I use the <State Motion: Swing> notetag on the state? Right now they swing but no weapon appears. I would like for it to appear when they perform the motion. Would anyone here that's script savvy mind making a modified version...
  13. alcreator440

    Yanfly Action Sequence Targeting help

    Is it possible to make my action sequence's target someone that is affected by a state instead of the standard; user, target, actor x, character x, etc.? It would be extremely helpful to me if that were possible. If it is not then is it possible for someone to whip up a quick add-on for me...
  14. eat beans

    How do you have custom frame art

    By this I mean how do you change what it looks like around dialogue boxes and in menus. Also if there are any websites that offer free frames like this that I could use.
  15. eat beans

    Enemy Encounter Sound Effect

    I might have posted this in the wrong place - if so, sorry! Anyways I was wondering how you can change the sound that plays right when you encounter an enemy. For example, by default when you encounter it will zoom in and the music will start playing. Can I make a sound effect play right when...
  16. Nisshoku

    Fixed Stat Gains Upon Level Up

    So I checked the forums thinking that someone else would have asked the same question if they didn't know how to do it, but like the title says I was wondering if there was any way to make it so that characters receive a set amount of stats upon leveling up. For example every single level up...
  17. Uranium

    Jeremy Cannady - Monster Breeding HELP!

    Hey everyone, I am seeking assistance on how to set up Jeremy Cannady's monster breeding plugin. I am not sure how to do it by following his steps. Here is the link to the plugin:
  18. berslayer

    Overwrite Skills (It is possible?)

    Hi everyone. Well I'm a beginner(?) in this forum and I don't know if here is the correct category to post this thread. Guess so. Also, I have to say that I do not speak english very well since I'm from South America, but I usually tries to make me understand. To the point. I'm working on a...
  19. Choose Sprite

    Hey, Watch the video first please! Click here! The sprite is too big and i can't choose it all. What to do? Thanks
  20. Rhino

    Creative Block Support Thread!

    Hey guys, since it's really easy to get burned out when making a game, I thought it'd be nice if we had a support thread for help and inspiration! Post your tips and tricks on how you stay motivated, fight a creative block or show off some improvement to inspire others! The tips can be as...

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