1. RPG maker MV Steam version "RPG has stopped working"

    Hello everyone ! I need your help ... I bought RPG maker Mv steam version 2 days ago. When i try start a game i see problem "Rpg Maker MV hast stopped working" Older versions Rpg was good for me and i used them many times. Never before had same problem with older versions. I watched forum...
  2. Plugin Help

    Could someone please give me an oversimplified, step by step process for how to make plugins work? I know I'm not very technologically gifted, but I've watched tutorials and done everything I know to do and they just won't work no matter what I try.
  3. ashes999

    Windows SmartScreen Blocks Game

    I just saw a video where someone downloaded one of my games and tried to run it on Windows 10. They got the usual "Windows protected your PC from running this app" error. Obviously, I didn't purchase a certificate and sign my app / upload the results like mentioned here. But I'm surprised that...
  4. DeathByGames

    Sprite Animation Help

    (Ok, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct area, but I believe I am so sorry in advance.) My problem lies with the script I'm using. I am using Galv's Character Animations script which can be found here. The script uses the different charsets in RPG Maker VX's sprites to have...
  5. Rhino

    "ProjectShouldOpenSTE" File in Game Location

    I have this file that appears in the location where all my projects are. "Attempt4" is the main project I am working on. When I open the file, all it says is 999. I've tried deleting the file, but it keeps coming back. As it's not showing up on any other project, I'm guessing that it must be...
  6. Miseryfactory77

    Please I beg of you help me with this Mog hunter battler motion yanfly battleengine plugin problem.

    Okay so I primarily use yanfly and mog hunter plugins with a touch of galvs sprinkled in their along with some other miscellaneous users but primarily mog and yanfly. I have had ZERO compatibility issues. However one very small issue has presented itself to me. To anybody familiar with the...
  7. EGStryker

    Yanfly's Attachable Augments disappear on detach

    Hey, everyone! I was just working on my attachable augments and have thought of a way to balance it by making the attachable augment item disappear once it's detached on an equipment. I also know that there's an eval for this yanfly's plugin once the item is detached, I just do not know how to...
  8. Action Sequence, Bug?

    Hey guys! I have a problem with the Yanfly Action Sequence Plugin... Open the Spoiler to see what I've putted in the Skill Notetag. It should be an AoE Healing Skill, my Problem is, that the Caster (The Healer in this Case) casts the Animation twice. Instead of casting it once, to ALL Allies...
  9. Coras

    Help with how to access player inventory from script?

    I'm writing a plugin that requires a test to see if a certain item of ID 002 in the database is in the player's inventory. How do I do that? Also, I'm a bit of a noob, so could someone explain to me how to use things like the $dataItems and $gamePlayer calls, because I can't seem to find a way...
  10. Ally

    Change graphic in Set move route not change

    Can you explain me because the change graphic of an event does not work? (The second page is a self switch to delete the event) This is my event page: (in my language, Giocatore is Character heroe)
  11. kamekache

    How to change the position of a command

    Hi, I need to know if exist a posibility of change the position of commands. I creating a scene that have gems, and when you find the gem item in the game, this appear in the scene. But when I create the command window, this is create in the default way. So I need to change the position of...
  12. SpunkySpaceCat

    Yanfly's formation script error

    I'm having a bit of an error... Sorry if this is in the wrong category... Anyways, I downloaded Yanfly's party system script and came across a problem, I'll try to explain the best I can. As I play tested my game, it was working perfectly fine, but I have this one event where all the party...
  13. SpunkySpaceCat

    Get party and then open door

    Me again with yet another problem. The title says it all. I know this uses a variable, and being the newb I am, I probably messed it up. I inserted another event page, yada yada. Did everything I could, and yet it doesn't work. Let me rephrase, I want to collect all the party members I need, and...
  14. Unwanted Damage When Walking? (solved?)

    Hi there! I'm having a weird problem, and I am not sure if it's a bug, or if it's all my fault. I've noticed that on an interior map, the screen flashes red, and my actors take damage. I have no idea why, but at least I've noticed that it seems to happen when the player walks on the rug...
  15. AdamGrayson

    Need Help With Menu Script Compatabiity

    Okay, so the other week I posted a question about using an encyclopedia in the menu. I found an encyclopedia to use: CSCA Encyclopedia by Casper Gaming. However, I'm using a bunch of Yanfly scripts and I do not know how to put the Encyclopedia script into the Yanfly Ace Menu Engine. Is there a...
  16. Picture Resize Help #2

    Hi! Can someone make these busts into faces for me? I just want them to be the regular face size like in the program. Thank you!
  17. Making an event transparent AFTER it plays?

    So I have a quick question, can you make an event transparent after it plays? I have an event where a character runs across the screen and disappears. I use the self switch to stop the event from playing again when you re-enter the room, however the icon of the character is still there because...
  18. How do I send a support ticket?

    So I bought RPG Maker XV Ace back in 2014, however since then my computer got trashed and I've gotten a new one. I have all the billing information and email address I used to purchase the program but I no longer have the product key. From what I understand I can send a support ticket to help me...
  19. Picture Resize Help?

    Hello, I downloaded the free community creations dlc for RPG Maker VX Ace and found a character recolor that I would like to use. The sprite works fine, however, the face picture does not line up properly with the defaults in the program. I tried resizing it myself, but that still didn't work...
  20. Val

    How to activate a Xbox360 controller by default in MV?

    Hello In rpg maker mv 1.33 is it possible to have a Xbox 360 controller plugged in the game and have it activate by default? (without pressing any input in the controller to activate it) Right now, you need to start the game, press the "A" input into the controller to been able to move...

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