1. Shiwo

    Counting Items for a Quest

    So. I've put a process into making a second quest where the adventurer has to collect a certain amount of the same item then hand it into the quest giver. But the issue I am having with this is I don't know how to have the quest npc recognize that the adventurer has the item, and the correct...
  2. Shiwo

    Characters disappeared from Event

    Hey guys! The second problem I have run into is as a result of me making an event that gets a monster to chase you whilst preparing to transfer. Which I ended up just removing because it was more trouble than it was worth. Then, after doing a play-test I came to the result which had brought...
  3. Pausing A Variable Based Time System

    Hi, I have a standard variable based time system with variables for seconds, minutes, hours, and week days set as a parallel common event. What I'd like to do is pause the time when I enter certain maps(like indoors), and then resume time when I leave them. Predictably I tried to turn the...
  4. Titleset Help! (vx ace)

    i have a title set in my game but heres the thing. when i but down a table then it's deployed on problem! but when i put a item on it for example: Apple, or a sword. it when put in on my table the table disappears and the item is on the ground im not sure what i have to do in...
  5. catclaw888

    yanfly animated SV help

    Ok, so whenever I use yanfly's animated sideview enemy plugin ( I get a message going 'TypeError Undefined is not a function' I'm not sure if it's something I did wrong when setting up the enemy or if I have a plugin that's not...
  6. gmestanley

    How do I use pixi.js

    In RPG Maker MV, pixi.js is a JS Library that can apply effects to the screen, such as inverting colors, making it blurry, etc. I've seen this on the RPG Maker Channel Episode 3a.  But, how do I use pixi on my project? I've seen that the video explains what it does, but not how we use...
  7. Pr0ph3t

    Moghunter battle plugins and weapon image/icon

    Hey guys, I am having some trouble with weapon image/icon display for actors using mogs battle scripts. It would appear one of his battle scripts possibly battlehud uses some custom images ie weapons_1.png but i cant find exactly which plugin it is or how to config it. My dude has the good...
  8. Pr0ph3t

    YEP Gabwindow

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the proper usage of yanflys gab window plugin for MV. I can get one gab to work but cant seem to figure out how to run multiple gabs. Can someone tell me how exactly it works, iv tried a few things in a single event such as gabtext x gabfaceindex x...
  9. lvkennelly

    Anyone else having this problem with Yanfly's Doodads Plugin?? Things randomly appearing help!

    So I was absolutely loving Yanfly's new doodads plugin as my parallaxes were taking up a lot of space, and it was working great for the first few days, but now it's started doing this thing where it just randomly makes things appear that I haven't put there (examples below). I've looked all...
  10. Fugama

    Giving the items back?

    The situation is different, but essentially what I wanna do is take the yanfly enemy thief code and have it store a list of what's been stolen, and then have a function that takes that list and returns those items to the players inventory. How do? Yanfly code pasted below <After Eval> if...
  11. Shineedles

    Transparenting sprite/tileset backgrounds for RMMV

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I have no idea where else to put this-) I've recently taken an interest in converting some of my sprites and tilesets from VX Ace to MV, but since MV no longer has the "click the color in which you want transparent" feature when importing graphics, this...
  12. Totally_Fandom

    Im having several problems regarding IG maker

    I'm trying to make a jumping action game on IG maker and everything was going fine until the tittle screen, when I put the tittle in I just staid unnamed file and I could find were to change it and I had to set if where if you clicked it would start the game, also this isn't as important but I...
  13. RPG Maker MV freezing problem

    Hello i bought rpg maker few months ago, everything worked fine on my old laptop but about week ago i bought a new one. When i am launching rpg maker and i enter database,sound tester,charcter gen(etc.) software freezes and I need  to shut it down by task manager. I tried everythink I...
  14. GoodSelf

    Show Picture/Animation Question

    Okay! Thanks for taking the time to read my topic - I hope you can help me. I'm calling a Common Event that shows a picture in the middle of the screen whenever a player uses a particular skill. The issue I'm running into, is that I want to show an animation on the picture. Since the...
  15. Uploading a game

    Basically, I finished a game in RPG Maker MV, and I want to share it. That's it. Please help soon, I don't have much time.
  16. Canini

    Healing that heals more if a single target it chosen multiple times

    Working on my game I have been thinking about how to make healing and the support characters more strategic to play. In particular I was thinking about a healing spell that heals a little at first but gives more and more health if a single target is chosen over and over. The player takes a risk...
  17. Nicookami

    How to stop custom fonts from resizing themselves?

    Hey guys! So, recently I ventured myself into the custom fonts realm. Everything was fine and dandy, and when I actually got those to work i was very happy! But... it's so UGLY! Why???? It looks all resized and ridiculous, I obviously can't work with that. The font I'm using is the Press...
  18. Can't Contact The Support Team

    I purchased three programs from the RPG Maker site ( and received a single invalid product key for all three. I've been trying since the 6th to get in contact with them through their tech support "contact us" page, but I've gotten no response. Does anyone know...
  19. LuLingqi1

    Help with changing how my attack "skill" works!

    Okay so, for quality of life balance reasons, I have decided to change the attack formula that's already in the game. The twist is, I only want it to be changed for a specific group of characters. So I figured, alright alright, I'll just make a second Attack skill, and that would be the end of...
  20. I, uh, need some help

    So I'm fairly new to this whole RPG maker thing, and I tried putting a script in my game- nothing too big, just something that would let you have balloon icons pop up over your followers' heads. But when I try using it in an event, I always get the error: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line...

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