survival horror

  1. faithenstein_

    Making a music for my own game.

    I began writing a story recently, about an altered world with the evil being trapped in from our world (sup, Alan Wake), and as it's not just a game about "defeat the antagonist throughout the puzzles + unlocking every endings", I was coming down with a protagonist first (almost "anti-hero", I'd...
  2. EniaCat

    RMMV QABS trouble shooting.

    Hi guys, I have a problem with the QABS plugin and the button mapping. I want to create a survival horror game with multiple melee weapons and guns. The problem is that I want it mapped to one key button (Like for example 'C') and that the player has to select through the equip menu to select...
  3. Tuomo L

    RMMZ Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition (Rated T)

    - "The Aged Tree", the game's theme song Horror game about hiding from monsters, not fighting them Scarred Stars is a psychological survival horror game, without any combat. Your only option to save yourself from the horrible monsters that lurk in the shadows is to hide from them. Plot...
  4. Creta_Park

    Causality (Survival horror adventure)

    Pew, it was take a year and half for making this game. Causality is finally out! Title : Causality Version : ca1079e9 (At the time of posting) Genre : Survival horror adventure Engine : RPG Maker MV Price : 6.99 USD (Currently on sale 10%!) Supported language : Korean, English, Japanese (Also...
  5. Pauzh_

    RNG in events?

    I'm making a game similar to Oregon Trail, i'm wondering if theres any way to do random number generators to randomly pick an event (loosing a wagon part, getting injured)? It would also be good if the chance can be altered depending on a variable or something. thanks if you can help
  6. RMMZ Amarok's Howl

    This game has been created over about two weeks (from 16th of October to the 31th of October) for the Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam and the Kill the Cutie event. Now playable in a browser HERE! Synopsis: A number of students from Johan Winter's Academy in Alaska have decided to spend the...
  7. Lance of Longinus

    RMMZ Broken Shadow [open world survival horror]

    This here is an attempt to resurrect an old project that I've stopped working on long ago. It was my second attempt at creating a survival horror game before I started working on De-Evolution (which is my third attempt and currently slightly stuck). I'm still not absolutely certain how I intend...
  8. Cachi01

    RM2k/3 Eternity Dial -Demo Ver.-

    About: A survival horror experience in which you'll attempt to win a place in the everlasting cycle of death and rebirth. Your surroundings are shaped by the memories and feelings of those who are no longer worthy of existence. Your task is to end them. Play through the entire first chapter of...
  9. Kuroi Lost

    RMMV SORA - Follow the Voice

    Meet our current project we're working on! Sora - Follow the Voice is a classic jRPG horror, inspired by Corpse Party game from GrisGris. We are using RPG Maker MV and do it pretty much specific way, trying to combine old-school classic genre features and modern technics, gameplay and...
  10. Frain

    RMVXA WHITEOUT: Resurrection - Survival horror

  11. Uzuki

    FREE Recruiting Team For DEX: Strange Residence

    Genre: Survival Horror RPG Engine: RPG Maker MV Estimated Time of Release: October 2020 --- ~~~Synopsis & Overview~~~ It's an average night for the paranormal detective, Jovon Williams; head to the Fincher Supernatural Museum and exorcize the spirits inside. But this job is different. The...
  12. Pauzh_

    RMMV Nightmare of Mine (unfinished demo)

    (Just a place holder name, couldn't come up with anything else to call it) This is a game that has been worked on from ‎Sunday, ‎August ‎5, ‎2018, ‏‎5:02:05 PM to January ‎19, ‎2019 This has been a passion project fuled by my favorite Survival horror games (Silent hill 1-3 as an example)...
  13. RoooodWorks

    RMVXA Fear - Demo

    So this here is a short demo for a game I made for the IGMC entry i entered last year. I got in the top 50's (got in 48th) at the time had no story and barely any mechanics as shortly after designing the maps and some hiding events I got ill. After it was over I invested alot of my time in this...
  14. BrandedTales

    RMMV Better Left Closed v1.1 - Survival Horror, Single Map Challenge

    Better Left Closed is my survival-horror entry into the One-Map Challenge. You play the role of a young woman that has made a terrible choice in order to save her son's life. Unfortunately, you've released monstrous wraiths into the world and the only thing that can stop them has been...
  15. orange~


    FEAR & HUNGER - VERSION 1.4.0 IS OUT! It’s finally here! The full version of Fear & Hunger. After two years of development time the game is finally at a state that can be called a full game. It has been no easy two years by any stretch. As a solo developer behind this game, it has taken its...
  16. BrandedTales

    RMMV Better Left Closed (v0.9) - Single Map Challenge

    Better Left Closed - v 0.9 I'm building this game in response to the 1-map challenge (not sure if it's still active or not, but I was inspired). It best fits the survival-horror genre, although this is mainly due to tension and the immortality of the enemies. I would love to get feedback on...
  17. Side_Group

    RMMV The Farm You Grew Up On

    Hello! Over the last week I participated in the Game Off 2018 game jam hosted by GitHub. I've worked on a number of game jams over the years in AGS, Unity, Ren'Py, etc, but NEVER got around to learning RPG Maker- until now. Learning it was an absolute pleasure and these forums were filled with...
  18. Uzuki

    RMMV DEX: Strange Residence (IGMC Demo)

    A manor turned museum? Is there more to the Fencer Manor then what meets the eye? Join the paranormal private investigator, Jovon Williams, as they go to investigate the attacks and disappearances at the Fencer Museum of The Supernatural and ends up in a sinister and tragic plot that goes...
  19. Mr.Chris

    FREE Plane Crash Survival Game

    Hello, first off I'd like to say that this is not your typical rpg maker game lol. I am making a plane crash survival game on RPG Maker MV. --------------------------------- STORYLINE (so far) You get to name and create your own character. the game starts out in Alaska and you board a small...
  20. Loppa

    RMVXA Town of the Dead 2.1 ITA

    ☣LoppaWorks™ Presenta Town of the Dead is a horror action survival horror game, created with RPG Maker VX Ace, with POP graphics! Horror City, and so many variations and some cautious maniacal care in the settings, soundtrack created by me, quality sound effects, with a proud real-time...

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