1. TheAlexG

    [Done+Extras] Labyrinth - A Journey of Remembrance and Survival

    Labyrinth - A Journey of Remembrance and Survival - Prologue   Story/Plot: Trapped. Adam doesn't remember how, or why, but all he does know is that he's now trapped inside a room with one way out. What lies beyond the door? Danger? The great unknown holds much that Adam probably...
  2. trevers18

    Z [13+]

      Inspired by games like Until Dawn and The Walking Dead comes a game about survival in a world infested with zombies. When the world falls to pieces, survival is key. Every decision must be made carefully - one wrong turn can lead to certain demise. You take control of six plucky survivors and...
  3. 9tkitsune


    Project Sara (-) This game (working title 'Project Sara' - actual title not decided yet) is based on the story 'A little princess' and inspired by "Little Princess Sara".  "Little princess Sara" was an animated series based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, "A Little Princess" (written in...
  4. GreaperGames

    Radiation:Action Shooter RPG

    Radiation. An Action Adventure Rpg! Synopsis A young man namd Rick suddenly woke up surrounded by the wreckage ih his house. Astonished by everything he saw,he stood and he walked to go outside and see whats going on.And there outside,he saw the city,Destroyed,abandoned and no life can...
  5. Rikifive

    Sleeping Hill

    This is a horror game, where you'll travel through different nightmares.   People say, that you're waking up in Sleeping Hill only when you're very close to death. This place is full of people's nightmares and you must face them as long as possible to survive. Not many people...
  6. atasuke10

    Crimson Light

    The Rework is here: Featuring extended story, gameplay, character backgrounds, updated graphics, added features. The feature list: - Item quick-select/use - Improved Panic System, Spawn system for the horrors that come for you. - A feature to let you fight back at some point. - A feature that...
  7. Hide and seek (Haunting Ground/Clocktower mechanics?)

    I am new to rpg maker, and I was wondering if it was at all possible to make a sort of "hide and seek" mechanic within rpg maker.  I want to make a survival horror game where the action is mostly  solving puzzles and evading enemies, similar to the mechanics in Haunting Ground or the Clocktower...
  8. GreaperGames

    Just Survive

    An Arcade Island Survival game! Come play it now! Stranded in a deserted Island?Don't know what to do?Well don't just stand there!Do something! Start Scurrying for resources!Collect everything you need before your HP starts going down! Watch out when the dark comes!Monsters are...
  9. Ksi

    Wolf and Kid

    " I grew up with a wolf. I can't remember a time in my life where he wasn't a part of it. We travelled, ate, slept - did everything together. He is my father, brother and friend; the only one on whom I can rely. Our life together was full of joy and though there were cold winters and times when...
  10. doggiewoggiez

    Survival Script for RPG Maker VX Ace?

    So, I'm making an apocalypse game and I wanted to make something kind of like DayZ. I made a really simple upgrade system in another game that I'm working on that I am probably going to move over to my new game, but it's hard to do for more than two or three items, and doesn't work very well...
  11. Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation(Game Ideal/Feed Back on Ideal Requested)

    Game Title:   Hobo-A Urban Survival Simulation   Genre:Survival Simulation/Realistic    Theme:Urban   Players:Single Player   Project: Indie   Platform:RPG Maker VX Ace   Release Date: TBD   Game Company: CDG ( Cazziuz Designs Games)    Synopsis:    How well could you survive...
  12. Dream3r

    Out of the Storm

    Hello everyone, so I've decided to completely redo this page since I haven't updated it in...well a long time.  So here we go... Out of the Storm is an open world, survival game focused on character development.  You'll start weak and without the knowledge needed to survive.  It's up to you...
  13. Sephiron

    Island survival resource pack

    So not too long ago, I was working on a game similar to "Survival kids" on the Gameboy Color. Like the ADHD infested human I am, I have decided that I no longer want to work on it any longer. For anyone who is interested in the scripts that I've bundled up (Lighting, day/night, needs, minecraft...
  14. Archeia


    RMN || TUMBLR || TWITTER   Days will blossom and fall, in this greatest time of need, how will you choose to live?       efflorescence /ˌɛflɔːˈrɛsəns/ a bursting forth or flowering   When a group of adventurers found themselves venturing into uncharted territory, they found themselves lost deep...
  15. DeyJay5

    RMVXA Dollhouse (BETA)

    Dollhouse (BETA VERSION) by DeyJay5 STORY You take on the role of a woman named Sophie, who buys her daughter a doll for her birthday. But after getting trapped inside the doll shop, she discovers that it is really a home for the dolls who live there, and they don't seem to want her there...
  16. Daniel B


    "My name is Felix Omin. Ever since I was born, I've been afraid. Afraid of what? What is there not to be afraid of..." WARNING The following game contains pixelated blood, violence, harsh language, crude writing, loud noises, flashes etc This game is most likely NOT suitable for...
  17. Red_Nova

    Soul Sunder

    Overview:   Soul Sunder is the story of Zero, a young woman whose life was shattered when she unintentionally sets in motion events in her childhood that left her village destroyed, her brother dead, and her best friend crippled for life. Nine years later, Zero receives a letter from an unknown...
  18. Simon D. Aelsi

    Tale of the Cursed Lantern - Alpha Available

    ANNOUNCEMENT! ALPHA 01 IS HERE! Link at bottom of OP.     TO WATCH LIVE DEVELOPMENT OF TALE OF THE CURSED LANTERN, TUNE IN TO MY LIVESTREAM CHANNEL, Iron Croc's Domain.  Live Development every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! (tentative) Steams may inclute music looping, artwork, or actual...
  19. Kauzz

    Bío - Lux Aeterna - OpenWorld Horror Game

              Bío -  Lux Aeterna Violence, sex, drugs.   Team Brainstorm Team components: Elisa Monteiro | Matheus Lima | Davi Felipe | Gabriel de Aguiar Gender: Terror / Survival Rating: +18 Facebook Page:   Awards: 1st place - Better/best project (May &...
  20. PabloNeirotti

    Unveil — Survival Simulator (Now Moddable)

            Get Unveil on Steam         Summary Experience Survival in it's purest form. Unveil delivers a rich recreation of Nature with a deep simulation of Weather, Body, Flora & Fauna, Fire and more.       Energy preservation   Every object you pick up, every tool you craft, or even...

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