1. mightydarkchocolate


    STORY SYNOPSIS ''Ningyo'' is a word for doll in Japan. Ningyo Heart is a journey of a man through a pit of hell and horror, in search for the beloved ones as well as a journey of finding his true self. The main theme in this horror game is friendship, romance & horror. Game play will focus on...
  2. daheji

    Sinshiya Nightmare

      ~ Sinshiya Nightmare ~   For some obscure reasons, Sinshiya wants to marry the Prince Ojaja who will soon become the new King of the World. Help Ojaja survive the longest possible ! Dodge Sinshiya's deadly attacks ! Call Piroshki, Ojaja's personal demon maid, and kill Sinshiya and her clones...
  3. kingmakerspider

    Wolves At White Lake - Horror (Demo updated 1/18/14!!)

    John Kramer had a simple reason to come to this town: he's looking for someone. Although, he quickly finds that his intentions for this trip may matter little in the grand scheme of things. The answers he sought to find in this place may not actually be those most urgent to him now. White Lake...
  4. hian

    Witchborn - Remnants of Shahadrin

    Preface So, as my demo is nearing completion, I think it's time to unveil my new main project. I've been working on it for a couple of months now, taking inspiration from the old slogan used to describe the Squaresoft classic "Vagrant Story" - "Medieval Gear Solid". The keywords I kept in the...
  5. SevenSceens


    WOODLEND A survival game, based in 2004. Story; Taking place in 2004, almost a mid-fantasy game, containing highly unreal events/ you take place as Jason Talos, a mid aged man surviving for his life in a forest. When his car breaks down, he travels down a road to be greeted by 3 strangers...
  6. Quigon


          Dorian Faulkner, a father and husband, suffers from increasingly abstract and frightening dreams whilst traversing the empty, ghost town of Fleetswood. Driven by reclaiming fragmented memories and the sole purpose of finding his son Oscar, the horrors and danger that he will encounter...

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