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  1. Docithe

    Sprite Sheet to SV Battler Converter

    Hello everybody! I'm a new contributor, long time lurker, and have been using various editions of RPG Maker since the 90s. Mostly for my own entertainment, I haven't really released anything publicly! I had been using a plugin in MV to bring in graphics from a standard walk sprite as an SV...
  2. zerobeat032

    Getting images to be read from different locations...

    So I figured out a while back that I could have Image Manager look for stuff in set locations. IE I needed it to look for SV actor files, but since I'm using YED, it doesn't read them right. so I made normal versions of the the SV actor sheets and put them in the Pictures folder. Then I used...
  3. BinaryCube

    Some kind of arcane-golem-ish SV animated battler.

    Hello, this is my first post. I'm experimenting with RPG Maker MV and in the current lack of really big sized SV animated battlers (there is many of the normal size) I tried to make one on my own. From nothing and zero experience creating actors for side view or even pixel art this big, finally...
  4. CalebW

    CalebW's resources MV Sprites

    First and foremost please thank @hiddenone, @IceKun , and @whtdragon for their generator parts. Without them half of these wouldn't be possible. Additionally @Zinx10 for the gradients on the hair. I wanted to take some time to put together Sprites, Faces, Walking, SV, and Damaged units for...
  5. captainette777

    (MV)Glasses that aren't transparent.

    Are there generator parts for a pair of glasses that aren't see-through? Mainly for the Character(TV) model and SV model if possible. I'm intending it for a nerdy-type character. Here are some reference pics- Is this good?:kaoswt:
  6. PhoenixX92

    SV Actor Weapon Resources

    Got bored, made these. They'll all work if your character is human and the base is the default body MV uses for its sprites, with no adjustments to any of these. Attached to this are the scythe and red sword in both Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition and Photoshop formats. Both are separate...
  7. Amarok

    Removing forward offset in SV battles?

    Im doing a experiment with some new sprites and i really need to remove this feature (you know the little forward advance the sprites make when its their turn), any ideas how this could be achieved?
  8. kuzai

    Bigger SV Sprites

    I know this issue has been tackled many times but nothing came close to answering my questions. I tried making taller sprites for actor characters (SV Battler) and many people said "All you have to do is make them!" So like... People have said to multiply the width and height of...
  9. Actor Version of Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies Plug-in?

    Hi, I am looking for a plug-in that does exactly what Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plug-in does, except I need one for actors. You can find the script here as well as a video of what it looks like and does. It adds Movement and Breathing like effects to Static SV Enemies etc...
  10. Attacks not connecting

    So I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong. My attacks are not connects for SV actors or enemy. The attack animation plays but there is no damage calculated, the numbers pop up and no hit sound effects. I undid everything that I previously did but still there is something wrong. Does...
  11. Blair Pendragon

    Larger SV battle actors request

    A long while ago I came across a few different plugins to allow larger actor spirtes in the side view battle system. (for the party, not for enemies) I'm struggling to find these plugins with searches. (The master list webpage doesnt seem to work for me anymore, dont know why. Google just...
  12. Adding new victory pose to char

    Characters MV Artist's Original What the title says. I got the template from here: (Thanks whtdragon), and basically what I need is to add the laughing victory pose (the 3 frames in the second line from...
  13. liamx2000

    SV Battle issues

    Hi all , I am having issues making a SV battle sheet. I am trying to follow a template but it's not sized correctly The top is slightly smaller and the middle is slightly larger I can't find any decent blank templates like RPG maker 2003 had so I am finding it hard to align the sprites so they...
  14. Miseryfactory77

    Sprite Edit for Vibratos aldo needed

    I am sure that some of you may be familiar with his work more of which is displayed here Anyways I liked how sprites for the cover art characters so have started using them anyways I noticed the female characters are all very...
  15. sdohda

    Adding SV Actor to Window (MV)

    Hey guys, So I've been studying JS for the past month and started creating my own menu. So far I've been able to read through MV's .js files, and other developers, and have a good enough understanding to manipulate the menus without a problem. I understand this means I don't know anything, but...
  16. Sv actor animation action sequence question.

    Hi, so I couldn't find much online about this. Here's some info. On my custom sv actor spritesheets(yes they adhere to the game's specifications), I create extra "animations" in the unused attack movements. For example, if an archer uses "missile" then I'll create extra animations in "thrust"...
  17. silversteampunk

    Solved: Thank you.

    Solved! Thank you.
  18. Altering sideview sv actor frame speed?

    Hello, I recently finished creating another sv actor and was wondering how to adjust its frame speed?  In particular I wanted to slow it down, so I attempted to raise the frame speed with the following. I already tried the following note tag usually used for enemies and added it to the notes...
  19. Need help with sv actor dimensions

    Hi, so I've never made any sv actors from scratch before.  For that reason I used a file that already had the dimensions and characters on it, I just used the other characters as a guide, deleted them, used a grid 32x32, and I created my character. That's where the problem is.  The dimensions...
  20. Evl 7 SV Actor

    Hello, everyone! Meaningless Backstory behind this: I give you the SV Actor of the evil redhead with a spiky hat that I don't know the actual name of! This was based off of the character sprite of evil 7 and, at the same time, the female general enemy battler, so if it looks a bit...

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