sv actors

  1. Making the Enemy Hero use his tired animation during Cut Scene

    Hello, i'm working on a battle where at the end, the enemy is supposed to be crouching after taking enough hits and it heals herself up and goes back to normal stance, but i can't seem to do it, is there any way i can force the Sv actor enemy to do an animation?
  2. Docithe

    Sprite Sheet to SV Battler Converter

    Hello everybody! I'm a new contributor, long time lurker, and have been using various editions of RPG Maker since the 90s. Mostly for my own entertainment, I haven't really released anything publicly! I had been using a plugin in MV to bring in graphics from a standard walk sprite as an SV...
  3. SixFootBlue

    Stop the battle from pausing while an actor takes damage?

    For a bit of context, I'm using Yanfly's battle core + action sequences. I'm trying to make the actor move around when they take damage from a regular attack, assuming it doesn't miss. I've got the action sequence itself worked out just fine, but the problem is there's a pause before the...
  4. Tuomo L

    Vibrant Sideview battlers Redux

    3 years ago, I made Vibrant Sideview battler edits. Now I'm back with vengeance. (not really) For those of you who don't know, the idea of Vibrant Sideview Battlers was to give more color depth and vibrant colors to the battlers, while keeping the original idea. Free to use, please credit...
  5. Tatsumaro

    YEP_BuffsStatesCore annoying Icons

    hi it is i :D any suggestions to remove the icons in my SV actors head?

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