sv animated battler

  1. LordScribble

    RMMV "Cannot set property 'opacity' of undefined" when transforming an enemy

    Hello! I just found a problem that probably requires changing some code but due to my poor knowledge of javascript I'm going to need some help: When, in battle, I want to transform an enemy into another, this error shows up. Judging from what the console says, I have guessed the error is in...
  2. GnasherKO

    Custom SV Battler Character limitations

    Hi guys, I've recently (finally) bought myself a license to RMMZ and started working on a project. I quickly realised I was interested in having both sv animated characters in battle sequences as well as enemies. Having looked into this further found most of the resources pointing to Visustella...
  3. RMMV Help with Animated Sideview Enemies (YEP)

    I honestly don't get what I'm doing wrong. I watched the video for the plugin, but it doesn't really cover the "attacking" portion, the whole reason anyone would use this plugin. From what I've been told you "program enemy battlers the same way you do the player battler", but it doesn't seem to...
  4. shrinker1

    Side view sprite issue

    i made a custom 1152x768 sprite sheet but when i use it its blurry and hard to see. I tried many things with window readjustment but nothing works.
  5. Battle sprite animations help?

    Hopefully this is in the right spot and Im making sense, but I cant seem to wrap my head around the side view animations. Ive played around with the different classes and how their animations reflect their actions, but I cant figure it out beyond that. I was thinking of trying to remove the...
  6. Bighoncho's SV Animated Battlers (enemies and actors)

    Terms of Use: Free for commercial or non-commercial game. No credit is require. You are allow to edit battlers for your own game. Not allowed to redistribution for resale. Game making is an arduous journey. I wished all happy game making and Good Luck! I have made 3 packs of sv animated...

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