sv animated

  1. BinaryCube

    Some kind of arcane-golem-ish SV animated battler.

    Hello, this is my first post. I'm experimenting with RPG Maker MV and in the current lack of really big sized SV animated battlers (there is many of the normal size) I tried to make one on my own. From nothing and zero experience creating actors for side view or even pixel art this big, finally...
  2. ArgonianSam

    Lamia sideview battlers

    Resource Type: SV battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Normal Description: Completely unsure if I'm doing this right but I'm trying to follow the rules. I want a lamia party member for my game. So I would like a SV battler for the Red haired female lamia on the bottom left or the bottom right...
  3. Exdeath R6

    Boss battle transformation ?

    Hi, i couldn't find anything to help me with my problem, hence why im posting here. In short. I have a boss which is ,in particular the image for "General_M" . Half way through the battle i want him to transform into this sv animated character called "Duke" which is in fact operated by the...

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