sv animation

  1. Battle sprite animations help?

    Hopefully this is in the right spot and Im making sense, but I cant seem to wrap my head around the side view animations. Ive played around with the different classes and how their animations reflect their actions, but I cant figure it out beyond that. I was thinking of trying to remove the...
  2. Looking for a flamethrower SV weapon...

    Resource Type: SV Battler Weapon Maker Format: RPGMaker MV Art Style: RTP Description: Looking for a handheld flamethrower/liquid nitrogen canister to be used by my Hero SV Battler. Having blue 'fire' or 'steam' would be a plus, but its the flamethrower itself is giving me trouble. I...
  3. DietAmbrosia

    SV Animations based on Skill

    So I am hoping someone can help me figure out a way to have a battler use enter chanting animation (or "skill" animation) based on the skill itself, and NOT just by Skill Type. I am creating skill sets that contain both magic and skills, and would like the battlers to use the appropriate...

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