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  1. recoculous

    MV SV Battler for RTP Mimic

    Resource Type: SV animated battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP, as seen by the treasure chest charset made by Avery, here. (Click to expand.) Description: Without limbs or tongues. It should be red for the default, but the ability to have other color options would be great. Hiddenone made...
  2. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Help with re-aligning SV battlers

    Hello, I am using RPG Maker MV and have changed the resolution of the game to be 640x360, to work better with my 32x32 tileset and the pixel art I'm using. The problem is that this resolution is so much smaller than the default that a lot of scenes needs to be re-worked, and one of those...
  3. FiercestPixel

    SV Battler Actor position [SOLVED]

    I've never messed with screen resolution much, so this problem never happened to me. It's probably something obvious but I can't seem to figure it out. How would I go about changing the side view battler positions? As the picture shows, they all need to come down a bit. Thanks for taking the...
  4. GnasherKO

    Custom SV Battler Character limitations

    Hi guys, I've recently (finally) bought myself a license to RMMZ and started working on a project. I quickly realised I was interested in having both sv animated characters in battle sequences as well as enemies. Having looked into this further found most of the resources pointing to Visustella...
  5. MetalKing11417

    MetalKing's MV/MZ Battler template

    So these are some alternative sv battler sprite templates I have made. While there are a comparatively vast number of alternate map view sprites available, the same cannot be said for sideview battler sprites, especially those that can use the various interchangeable weapons in the stead of one...
  6. TheTrevisan


    Free Foes to use from my project. This asset pack contains: 5 original enemies graphics from Euphorya Game; Animated for RPG MAKER, compatible with Visustella/Yanfly; Static graphics too; More enemies will be added soon; Baby Leopard, Sploomy, Karakoly, Gray Wolf and Toucan; DOWNLOAD HERE!
  7. Animebryan

    [MZ] Looking for RTP SV Battlers

    Looking for side-view battlers for some MZ characters, RTP styled preferred
  8. Docithe

    Sprite Sheet to SV Battler Converter

    Hello everybody! I'm a new contributor, long time lurker, and have been using various editions of RPG Maker since the 90s. Mostly for my own entertainment, I haven't really released anything publicly! I had been using a plugin in MV to bring in graphics from a standard walk sprite as an SV...
  9. AzureCrook

    Wanted: Neko!

    Good morning everyone, Would anyone happen to have / know of a SV Battler sheet for MV with a humanoid cat? Full cat face and features just standing upwards, like puss in boots ^^ Thank you so much in advance and have a lovely day!
  10. Powerise

    SV Battler of Monster_5 (Foxman)

    The work was done by me (powerise) on paid request by wrigty12. Even though wrigty12 paid for these sprites, He allows it to release publicly for others to use. TERMS of use: - You must have legally owned an RPG Maker MZ license. - Free for commercial and non-commercial use. - Please credit...
  11. shrinker1

    Side view sprite issue

    i made a custom 1152x768 sprite sheet but when i use it its blurry and hard to see. I tried many things with window readjustment but nothing works.
  12. MKG

    Any Plug-In That Increases SV Battler Motion Count?

    Hey Guys! New to the forums here. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope this is the right place to post this, but I'm using RPG Maker MV along with the Yami Engine Delta Sideview Battler plug-in to create custom SV Actor Motions sheets. I see the list is capped at 18 unique motions: walk...
  13. GalacticGod

    MechaSuit SV Battler

    I went ahead and made an SV Battler of the, SF_MechaSuit, enemy for the game I am working on right now. (It's not perfect but I did my best on it). I thought others might be able to use it as an enemy in their games as well. Additionally, this battler is not really meant to be used as a main...
  14. GalacticGod

    DarkFantasy- Actor7 SV Battler (Vibrato style)

    I am using the Evil King (Actor7) from the, Dark Fantasy Character Pack, Free DLC. But all the battlers in my game are in Vibrato's style. So I re-edited with the Captain SV Battler that Vibrato made. (It's not perfect but I did my best on it). Also, this battler is not really meant to be used...
  15. Cyborg Soldier Sideview Battler

    Hello all, I spent some time working on a sci-fi cyborg soldier battler for a while and thought some people here might find some use for it. Base sprite was first generated then heavily altered in Photoshop. Use however you see fit. Credits: Bokou for his cyborg parts and tank-on-back pieces...
  16. LizzyLiz

    Custom SV_Battler won't appear in the box

    I'm trying to add this specific image of this character into my game, but every time I click her, she doesn't seem to appear in the SV_battler Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  17. Where can I find taller SV Battlers?

    I am looking for taller SV Battlers, I'm not a fan of the short Chibi look that comes with vanilla RM MV. I own Game Character Hub - Portfolio Edition so if there's a template I can use with it, that would be ideal.
  18. PhxFire

    FREE Need artist for a few Sprites/ SV_Battlers

    Game: A Small Rift Engine: RPGM MV Synopsis: In the kingdom of Sparowdale mythical creatures, human, elves, dwarves and all other races live alongside each other, peacefully coexisting... however it wasn't always like that. Long ago the different races constantly fought, vying for land...
  19. SanZhang

    SanZhang's Character & Battler's Resources

    Greetings, game makers.. It's the first resource that I would like to share in this community.. This is a gesture of my appreciation for every artworks of several artists that has been helpful with the games I've made.. They have kindly shared their arts in this forum, please take a look at...
  20. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    With that being said, i'm looking for ways to design various enemies and bosses under the conditions of SV human battlers and my main fear is that the fights in my game get stale or repetitive in a sense. In my SV enemy/boss planning, the first thing that comes to my mind are their weapon types...

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