sv battlers

  1. VX Ace RTP Actors as MV SV-Battlers Sprites

    Hello everyone, I'm new here but i am working with rpg makers for some years now. Does somebody know where to find the VX ACE RTP Actors as SV Battlers sprites, to use them in MV? I really like to use VX Ace sprites, but i prefer to work with the MV Maker and the integrated side view battle...
  2. Matseb2611

    Matseb's MV Resources (SV Battlers, sprites, etc)

    Hi everyone! I kept meaning to start a thread for my MV stuff, so here we are. I have an old thread with a tonne of stuff in the Ace resources subsection, so be sure to check it out as well if you haven't yet. So in this thread, I'll be posting MV-related resources. A lot of these appeared in...
  3. Kostekaro

    Kostek's MV Stuff

    HI all. In this Post You can see my graphic works I've done for my project. Its not perfect so u are free to edit as u nead. You can use it in your games as well. :) I use the available resources of the program so if you have a legal MV you can use. Terms of use: Free for commercial &...
  4. Cloudystrife69

    MV Battlers Are Not Shown Yet SV Battlers Are enabled

    Grrrrrr, I Have disabled All Plugins AND IT STILL DOES NOT SHOW!!!!, HEEELLLLPPPPP I Have Version 1.3.4 Because Im Too Lazy To Get The Update And Upgrade Project
  5. Yoraee

    Return SV Battlers' (Actors and Enemies) X and Y Coordinates?

    Apologies for the bombardment of questions today. I've actually held on to  this one for some time and tried to figure it out on my own, with not much success sadly. I want to be able to store each actor and enemy X and Y coordinates in a battle in variables, to be accessed later by common...
  6. tlbearer

    DS and DS+ SV Battler?

    So I just finished converting everything from the DS and DS+ DLC to MV and I would like sv battlers for all of the character sprites/faces that are in the DLC. Resource Type: SV Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: DS/DS+ style Description:  I would like sv battlers for all of the...
  7. ArbitraryGuy's Generator Parts for Non-humans

    I am making generator bodies and parts for non-human actors in RPG Maker MV. TO DO LIST 1) Skeletons  2) Orcs 3) Minotaurs 4) ...? TERMS OF USE - Please credit ArbitraryGuy. - For use for non-commercial games only. - To use, you must own RPG Maker MV INSTRUCTIONS...
  8. Using SV Battlers outside of a Battle ?

    Hello, I wanted to ask whether or not it would be possible to have way to use the SV Battlers within the normal game ( so outside of the Battle ) because it would allow for some neat litle emotions/poses etc. I have done some tests so far to try and trick the system, those were putting the SV...

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