sv weapon

  1. Zabelnov

    Help me I need SV Weapon and plugin that let me throw item like a bomb. need this for game jam

    Evening everyone. right now i really need this SV(side view) weapon and plugin that help me to throw an item like bomb,molotov and a rock, 1.I`m using RPG MAKER MZ 2.SV Weapon I need -metal baseball bat (swing animation) -baton (swing animation) -stun baton (swing animation) -machete (swing...
  2. Nekohime1989


    Resource Type: SV Weapon Maker Format: MV Style: Standard Description: It's a flintlock weapon used in Japan. Comes in both short and long barrel varieties. Need both a short barrel and long barrel version. Reference Photos
  3. Bosiphas

    Weapons Request

    RPGM MV I need a rapier made for SV-battles. If it could match wthdragons rapiers (thrust motion) in their joke weapons post that would be great: (Under the spoiler button non-joke weapons)
  4. Finish SV Sickle Weapon

    Looking for someone to finish this SV sickle weapon for me, I put a general outline on how the blade should look but it's more of a guide  :D  I really just need detail put into the blade

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