sv weapons

  1. captainproton

    Help with Thrown/Missile weapons?

    I'm currently using Yanfly's battle core (and almost their entire suite of plugins), and I was wondering: how can i make a thrown or missile weapon that actually travels across the screen to hit the enemy? Even better would be if i could get a boomerang sprite to fly across the screen, hit the...
  2. whtdragon

    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    so I wanted to do something for april fool's but I didn't really have anything clever in mind - 3 -; 'cause I've been busy fixing stuff n' whatnots, so I decided I'd release some weapons I've worked on before /o w o/~ Edit: I am now adding more weapons! jokes and otherwise! I realized that...
  3. brunovisk2

    Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    Hi guys! I'd like to share with you one of the sprites I've done for my game, it's the sasquatch charset and SV battler. in the beginning I wanted to make generator parts to make savage men, but I couldnt make it so I just made the char and the battlers If anyone could turn it in a...

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