1. matgraz

    SV Actor Position script not working :T

    Hi guys, i'm trying to make my SV actors stay in a V formation like this (i'm set on using only 3 party members for this game): I installed the SVActorPosition plugin but didnt noticed any change, so i set the parameters all crazy to see if it was really working but it really wasnt as you can...
  2. Cyborg Soldier Sideview Battler

    Hello all, I spent some time working on a sci-fi cyborg soldier battler for a while and thought some people here might find some use for it. Base sprite was first generated then heavily altered in Photoshop. Use however you see fit. Credits: Bokou for his cyborg parts and tank-on-back pieces...
  3. Yawgmoth

    Armored Ice Golem Static Battler

    Resource Type: (SV Battler) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (Cartoon similar to aekashics art) Description: (My game has a boss who is a fallen knight who's soul has been imprisoned inside an ice golem, the battler should be composed of shades of blue or white with sections of it's body that...
  4. Lu_

    Lu's MV Resources

    :LZSangel:Lu's MV Resources:LZSangel: I just want to share my work with you guys. I am new to pixeling so don't expect something professional. I really appreciate your opinion about my sprites and feel free to give me some advices! :LZSproud: If you got any questions feel free to write me a...
  5. Animebryan

    [MV] Are there SV Battlers for VX/Ace Actors?

    I was wondering if there were side-view battlers of VX/Ace actors for MV?
  6. CalebW

    CalebW's resources MV Sprites

    First and foremost please thank @hiddenone, @IceKun , and @whtdragon for their generator parts. Without them half of these wouldn't be possible. Additionally @Zinx10 for the gradients on the hair. I wanted to take some time to put together Sprites, Faces, Walking, SV, and Damaged units for...
  7. GalacticGod

    FES Wizard Character - SV Battler

    I really like the Wizard character sprite in the, FES Character Material set, but am sad to see that there is no SV Battler for it; so I thought I would try creating one of my own. Let me know what you guys think. FES Wizard Character - SV Battler (Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, BB...
  8. GalacticGod

    Spider-Man Character Sets and SV Battlers

    Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite Marvel Super-Heroes; so I thought I would try my hand at creating some character sheets for him. Hope you all enjoy them! Terms of Use & Credit Template Credit: Characters were created using the base MV characters and clothing that comes from the...
  9. Avery

    Fantastic SV beasts and where to find them - a list

    I needed to do something where I don't need to think much, and a list was perfect for that purpose. Many games use SV Battlers, but many want to use SV Enemies as well - now we face a problem. A huge problem: SV Battlers are a huge amount of work, and not all artists can be mixed up. Some are...
  10. Actor Version of Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies Plug-in?

    Hi, I am looking for a plug-in that does exactly what Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies plug-in does, except I need one for actors. You can find the script here as well as a video of what it looks like and does. It adds Movement and Breathing like effects to Static SV Enemies etc...
  11. DragonKnight

    SV Enemy

    Hi! I was hoping somebody might have the time to edit something for me? I'm not very good with things like Photoshop or GIMP yet, and I would love to have something slightly custom for my project. I would like a SV enemy battler for this character: Edited from this SV Enemy. If possible...
  12. Male succubus sv small character animated and some default sv small character sv battler for MV

    May anyone make sv small character battler of male succubus that Avery had made? I find that picture on his or her site and like if someone would make sv small character of that instead of big sv character in MV. And also I need some default sv batter for small character as well that the game...
  13. General Battler

    I know someone did a Sprite battler set for The General (character) for yanfly's animated enemies. the General. But for the life of me I cant find the original post. Could someone point me in the right direction. I know its out there.
  14. Brancliff

    (SV) Multiple Weapons in one Attack

    I'm not sure if this is a "How do I do this" or a "Can someone make a plugin that allows me to do this", so feel free to move this thread to the appropriate section I'm looking for a way to make an attack that uses multiple weapon attack animations in one attack. For example, an attack that...
  15. Rog

    SV Battler Animations Question

    I'm working on a game using my own art and I finally have come to the point where I must develop the battle system. I've been looking at the SV sprite sheets to get an idea on how to approach creating the battle system and I've noticed that there are some questions and challenges that I'm...
  16. Rog

    SV Battle Sprites Blurry

    I looked everywhere online and I couldn't find an answer. I have set up a battle where you fight enemies that I have made myself. I have run the test a dozen times and for some reason, all the enemies that I import myself are blurry. I checked pixel by pixel and the standard ones do not blur...
  17. Mando Jetii

    Motions not animating right

    I am using a number of Yanfly plugins. The relevant ones that I'm using are Battle Core; Action Sequence Packs 1, 2, & 3; and Animated Side-view Battlers. I don't think Animated SV Battlers is affecting it, but it might be. I'm getting this odd error while using action sequences: I set the...
  18. NarikoStudios

    Generator Add ons for Characters

    Hey I'm looking for generator parts that would be used for characters in my project does anyone know where to find outfits like these four are wearing? Art is by Terrorchan http://sta.sh/01w449hmxzun http://sta.sh/0qkq9ydpf3b http://sta.sh/0wgulqhqpya http://sta.sh/01d44mkvcfgh I'm...
  19. NarikoStudios

    Help with Sprites

    Hey, could anyone please help me with finishing this sprite sheet? I've got custom poses from whtdragons post but I can't figure out or make them into who i'd like so if someone could help me edit these that wold be a big help thankyou, could someone help me also add in his katana for the...
  20. palinskyjoe

    Joe P's Weird Warehouse *Updated 2/28/17!*

    I'm a super amateur pixel dabbler and I'm looking to grow my abilities. I make these resources for the community to share whatever I concoct, though I admit they pale in comparison to some of the gorgeous work available on these boards. Though I don't have a workshop page (yet...), I am more...

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