1. Astaltw

    Astaltw's MZ content

    Hey folks, guess who is back?! Yeah just me, duh! Not gonna do an underwear vid like BelleDelphine though! I plan to do simple Vibrato's battler when I have time, perhaps some portrait if I ever get satisfied with the quality of any of them. And, as I did before, some map TV helmet and sv_actor...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Looking for SV actor of People3_7 (the captain) [MV]

    Hi, I'm looking for a SV actor asset of the captain from the People 3 in the RTP. More precisely, People3_7. If anyone knows of an existing asset for that I would really much appreciate it!
  3. OnePunchMan

    Unknown Author

    Hi ! I have this SV Actor for a few years (maybe since the release of MV) and I can't find who's the author or its origin... Do anyone have a clue ? (The colors are'nt the real ones, I think it was something like pink or purple) Thanks !
  4. Rogue Milk

    RTP Actor 3-3 SV_Actor Battler

    Hi, guys. I am looking for a SV_Actor, that battler used for the heroes on the side-view battle system, for the RTP actor 3-3. The bearded dude that looks bad ass. This one: I've searched through but couldn't find any. :(
  5. omega9380

    To all artists that are Final Fantasy fans, got a big request for ya

    OK folks, here's what I am looking for. I am working on a personal project of mine, one I have been working on since the days of RM2K. I'm creating a sort of "sequel" to the original Final Fantasy from the NES. Things are coming along great now that RMMV is out, I am loving the new plugin...
  6. Daemien

    Wild Animals?

    Resource Type: Sideview Characters, Sideview Battlers, Maker Format: MV Art Style: Looking for somewhat realistic (basically not cute, cuddly, or chibi-like lol) Description:  I've been looking all around and maybe I've missed some. I'm just looking for Wild animals (ex. bears, tigers...

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