1. cheef

    (VictorEngine) SV Battlers failing for actors, working for enemies. [Solved]

    Hello, I'm using Victor Engine to try to apply custom animated sprites. I've read the "help us to help you" thread and have tested this by Playtesting the game, not a Battle Test. Scripts used - VE Basic Module: [page] [script] VE BattlerGraphicSetup: [page] [script] Currently my sprite...
  2. Request for sv_actors for the futuristic heroes DLC

    The Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes DLC has some amazing actors. Unfortunately, when this DLC was converted for MV, they didn't provide the sv_actors (sideview battlers and damaged graphics) for those characters. If anyone could undertake this project to create those (even mildly fitting to...
  3. AeroFunk80

    Zombie Sprites & SV Battlers

    esource Type: Characters and SV_Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: I want the standard Character and SV_Battler look from MV (cartoony), but I wouldn't mind some missing eyes, jaws... Description: I have searched and searched for some zombie characters and sv_actors, but I cannot find any...
  4. Daemien

    Wild Animals?

    Resource Type: Sideview Characters, Sideview Battlers, Maker Format: MV Art Style: Looking for somewhat realistic (basically not cute, cuddly, or chibi-like lol) Description:  I've been looking all around and maybe I've missed some. I'm just looking for Wild animals (ex. bears, tigers...

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