1. Angelus197

    Busco un pack de enemigos en batalla / I am looking for a pack of enemies in battle

    Quiero un paquete de recursos con sv_enemies y algún otro sprite enemigo andante. Debe haber dragones, enanos, elfos, señores oscuros, bestias, todo tipo de seres mitológicos, animales salvajes, bandidos, soldados... Ya tengo muchos recursos de RPG Maker MV y algunos DLC que he comprado, pero...
  2. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Hi guys, new on here and new to RMMZ. Have been working on making some SV enemies to create a library for myself and thought I'd share my version of a skeleton for anyone looking to have animated skeleton minions or enemies. Here's the skeleton: Also, I was hoping anyone could help me with...
  3. cheef

    (VictorEngine) SV Battlers failing for actors, working for enemies. [Solved]

    Hello, I'm using Victor Engine to try to apply custom animated sprites. I've read the "help us to help you" thread and have tested this by Playtesting the game, not a Battle Test. Scripts used - VE Basic Module: [page] [script] VE BattlerGraphicSetup: [page] [script] Currently my sprite...
  4. Radar

    SV_Enemies Sprite for Actor 3_7

    I wanted to use Actor 3_7 as an enemy and I couldn't find one so I drew this sprite in PS CS6. Free to use no credit required. However if you want to credit my website I would appreciate it because I am an illustrator. Thanks!
  5. Rogue Milk

    Rogue Milk's MV Stuff (RTP Edits) - Update 10/16/2016

    Hi everyone. This are some sv_enemies edits (recolor and franken) that I've been working on. Some are a little rough on the edges, but I am hoping to get better at this. Terms of Use Recolors Humanoid Elemental Fusions Monster Edits Newer...
  6. WayneErik

    WayneErik Graphic

     WayneErik's Graphics Hello Everyone, I made a new enemy in two different sizes, a larger "boss" type size and the normal smaller one. The Snakeweed is one part plant one part reptile making it a fun addition to any game.  It would make a good enemy to battle in forested or grassland type...
  7. Help with a sv_enemie's importing

    I'm brand new to RPG MAKER MV and I'm having problem editing this sv_enemie. I've assured that it is png and it has a transparency, but when I copy to de sv_enemies folder inside my project it is not showed inside the software's database. Does anyone knows what is causing it? I was able to copy...

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