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    Indrah's Let's Play/Try (swearing and ranting ahoy)

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/indraladypotato Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/indrah Here be dragons. I mean, here be the stuff done so far. In chronological order from older to newer. Links to the game in each video in the description (below the actual video on Youtube). *Bigger font...

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"Gennady" Gen na Dee reptiloid scientist
I wonder how well Procedural Map generation would work in RPG Maker MZ... Well, only one way to find out! Hehe!
A new VA has joined the "Beyond the Mirror" team... I can't wait to start working on battle voices in the engine now.
Well bad reviews r making me rather annoyed today.
--- F.Mage Cooking Part 2 ---

F.Knight: Chef isn't here at this moment,he goes back into his Hometown to celebrating the Halloween with them.
F.Fighter: That too bad. I can't taste his dish until 3-5 days.
F.Mage: Then Leave it to me,i can make a Special Dishes for our Team in Halloween! (Rushes Into The Kitchen)
F.Knight & F.Fighter: (Screaming) YAMEROOO!!!

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