1. Simon D. Aelsi

    Your favorite "foreign" sweets and snacks?

    Sweets... lollies... candies, treats.. whatever they might be called... Have you ever tasted a foreign candy (NOTE: Foreign to you/your country! ) Or... Is there a foreign sweet or snack you want to try? Even if you don't think you'd like it (just for the sake of saying you tried it?) NOTE: I...
  2. Candra

    Candra's Sweet Tiles

    Terms of Use If you decide to use my resources, you must give credit to me in the game. Candra Faulkner - http://candrasresources.blogspot.com/   Yes, you may recolor , edit, etc... but credit must still be given. Thank you! Free for Non-Commercial Games only. Do not re-post my resources...

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