switch battle system

  1. Vintendo

    Help to make a Special Battle System

    Hi i have a few Questions(I use RPG maker mv for Nintendo switch): 1 Is There a a way to make a Zelda Like Battle System in Rpg Maker mv for the switch? 2 is There a way to make a Party Game with a dice and Minigames?
  2. Changing health/defense when getting in/out of a mech

    Recently I've been trying to formulate the various battle systems for the game I'm trying to make, however I've run into an issue. The way I want my game to be set up, I want it to be where the player character can walk around on the map and engage in side-view battles. However, the player also...
  3. _Shadow_

    Is it possible to change Battle System in game?

    Hello community. On the Database, below the System Tab, there is an option as a checkbox.Use Side-view Battle. I know how it was meant to work. You tick it, you got a side view battle system. You let it unticked, it by default selects first person point of view battle system. Now look. The...

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