switch event

  1. quakerori

    an idea that I want to have in the game

    as I'm making a game with only three characters, I want to spice up the third character by giving it the power to switch forms from, attacking one enemy with heavy damage, and the other form dealing damage to everyone I feel like I've already figured it out, but I still don't exactly know how...
  2. LazESigma

    Checking if a switch is ON in a script

    Very surprised I haven't see this question yet. I've mostly seen the answer to how to use SetValue in a script to set a switch to true or false. I want to check if my switch (ID = 269) is ON. This doesn't seem to work. if ($gameSwitches.Value[269]) { //code if switch 269 is ON } What is...
  3. switch not working

    Hey, so I wanted to programm a cutscene where a car is driving and the character is getting out of it. At first, the player has the car sprite and is running across the street. I wanted to blend out the screen, change the actor sprite, activate an switch which makes an clear event to...

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