1. applepumpkins

    Using Switches to end separate/multiple events

    Hi everyone! I've been dabbling into using events for cutscenes and I'm unfortunately having difficulty stopping an event that initiates after a scene/battle, and stopping and separate event (NPC monster sprite). The one event is a cat which is a character that will join the party after battle...
  2. Resetting Self Switches? 'Daily Reset' mechanic?

    So, I'm a beginner playing around with the software, going fairly smoothly, but I have a bit of an issue. I'm trying to work on some basic farming sim mechanics, starting with collecting milk from animals. My initial plan was when the player interacted with the animal and received milk, a...
  3. mpurnell

    Show picture at 2nd from 2nd called variable(hard to explain)

    pretty much im going to be showing 6 pictures showing the latest things that have happened in the game using 30 variables. so for example, in spot 1, i want it to show whichever is the latest called variable(so say we r up to stage 13) so spot 1 = 13 spot 2 = 12 spot 3 = 10 spot 4 = 9 spot 5 =...

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