1. Help, switches keep freezing game.

    I am working with rpg maker mv on my Mac, and when I try to playtest my game activating a switch, any switch at all, freezes the game. I can't move, can't do anything. A lot of places suggested that something was auto-running, but I can't find what it is. I deleted all my common events, and...
  2. Qwazori

    RMMV Switches in Extended Doodad Pack plugin.

    By default, if doodad has many switches, you need to have all the switches enabled for doodad to appear. In other words, a logical "and" is used. Is it possible to make doodad appear if at least one of these switches is on? Replace the logical "and" with "or"...
  3. Doechano

    RMMV English to IPA Translator

    Edited Post: I thought that it would be beneficial to everyone if they knew the details of what I was working so I compiled all of my posts into this one. I am currently writing a plugin for RPG Maker MV that takes a string of English text, translates it into IPA (International Phonetic...
  4. Aslanemperor

    a spell to light the stars

    So, I have a problem which I'm guessing is not unique. I'm sure it's been fixed before, but I can't find anyone posting tutorials. The only caveat, before I get into the problem, is that I'd like to avoid scripts and plugins if at all possible. In the game I'm making, the main characters are...
  5. Please help! Switch not working.

    I'm making a horse breeding mini game and came across a bug I have no idea how to fix. The player gets to choose one of two horses - a male or a female - and can put it into one of two stable stalls - stall 1 or stall 2. A number gets assigned to the variable Stable x Horse Type. So if the male...
  6. Eliaquim

    Eli Self Switches - Adds more self switches to events and better control for all of them!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You know that you can enable/disable self switches from an event page. But if you want to turn on/off a self switch of other events you will have to use the script call. The thing is that not everyone is familiar with the script call command. This plugin...
  7. Yanntastisch

    Disable a random Switch via Event?

    I want to disable a random switch between, for example, 1 and 50 in an event. Is there a way of doing so or do I need a script for this?
  8. Eliaquim

    Eli Switches - Advanced switches operations!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction Provides advanced switch operations. There are many conditions that, by default, the event tabs do not have commands to check. As an example, if the game is being played on an android device, iPhone, computer or check the current weather (rain, storm, or...
  9. Random Panda

    Spike Event Timing Help

    Hi all, I'm having a little trouble timing out a specific kind of spike trap. What I would like to do is have alternating rows of spikes like so: ------- <-Spikes Down ^^^^^^^ <-Spikes Up ------- ^^^^^^^ And they would alternate their "Spikes Up" and "Spikes Down" positions. Getting...
  10. DK

    Globals - Allows you to specify variables and switches that will be "global" to all player saves

    Title: Globals Version: 2.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to specify variables and switches that will be “global” for all player saves. Changes are saved in a separate file and applied when starting a new game or loading any save. Note that the changes are saved to the file...
  11. Black Pagan

    Help improve my Time System

    Hello, I was looking to improve my Event-ing of a Time System. Currently, What i have done is this : - Divide a day into 5 Time Scales - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Twilight, I will refer to these as "Time Periods" from now on - Assign Visual Indicators for each of these Time Periods...
  12. kyonides

    KReaper XP

    KReaper XP v1.2.1 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet of mine should let you do a few things you might already do via common events, switches and variables, namely killing your heroes or foes with a hidden timer! :o Yes, you can use skills! I would suggest the following names...
  13. Runnyyy

    Help Creating Avoiding danger Puzzles

    HELLO I hope i'm in the right topic this time;; I'm trying so hard to figure out a simple mechanic: I want to have fireballs (or any projectile) continuously shoot from wall to wall, and if the Player touches the projectile, will be injured. (Player would need to time correctly when to move...
  14. DagJakeTanner

    [RMMV]: Can't get a sprite to properly display damaged version.

    Hey, all. I've been looking through the threads for a solution to this issue, but can't seem to find one. I'm trying to get an enemy NPC to go into a damaged state following the aftermath of a fight. I quickly discovered doing it with the Set Movement Route: Change Image strategy is a no-go...
  15. Help with switches and events.

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to RPGmaker MV, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do my own day/night cycles. I know there are plugins and scripts but I haven't figured out how to implement them, and I'm pretty confident that I can do tthe logic behind the transitions as I've done it in...
  16. RicoRob

    Start game with selected Switches ON?

    (I'm sorry if such plugin already exists, I really couldn't find it. :frown:) Would it be possible to have a plugin that turns predetermined Switches ON as soon as the game starts/loads/during playtest? I know I can do that manually with an event, but what I mean is, turning a Switch ON...
  17. Eliaquim


    Author: Eliaquim Introduction There are many conditions that, by default, the event tabs do not have commands to check. As an example, if the game is being played on an android device, iPhone, computer or check the current weather (rain, storm, or snow). Instead of having to resort to script...
  18. JDevain

    Script call for Set Movement Route > Switch On

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the script call for Set Movement Route (for Event 001) > Switch On I found this in rpg_objects.js: $gameSwitches.setValue(params[0], true); But I don't understand how to set it for a specific event (like Event 1), and I don't understand what to change "params"...
  19. DedicatedGhost

    Terrax Lighting action key for on/off?

    I'm using Terrax lighting, and I figured out how I can make it look like a flashlight. Basically I wanna be able to press a key to turn it on, then press the same key to turn it off. I was experimenting with conditional branches but the problem is it only works if I have on as one button, and...
  20. Rirumato

    Conditional Branch and Switches Not Working

    Hello, I'm fairly new to RPG Maker MV so please help me out with my probably stupid mistakes. Right now I am making a scene where depending on the choice you make, there will be a bad end or not, during an autorun cutscene( Map A). After finishing the scene the player goes to another map and...

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