1. impliedwolf

    Getting an event to respond to 4 switches?

    I was going to ask a question about how to get these switches to turn on but I solved that. But now I am having a problem with coding an object so that it appears when 4 switches are turned on, right now I have these lines that don't work: I have events that appear when each individual switch...
  2. Trying to use switches, having trouble.

    Kinda a noob with this so not sure if I'm doing this right, or if you can understand my problem. But I'll set the stage: I want the start of my game to have two actors and ur character. When you talk to one actor I want the other actor to walk up to you, and the screen to tilt black. I want the...
  3. lordvalinar

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2

    Actor Switches & Variables v1.2 LordValinar Introduction With RPG Maker MV, switches and variables are globalized - saved within the $gameSystem object. Well there might have been times when you or I required personalized switches/variables to the actor themselves (Races? Gender? Corruption...
  4. lordvalinar

    Object-based Switches and Variables

    !! UPDATED (Working now: Will attach completed plugin in appropriate section) -Original post: So I'm not sure if this should be here or in plugin requests. Basically I wanted to see if anyone could help me as I try to create a plugin that adds "new" functions assigning switches / variables to...
  5. I can't get Yanfly's option core to work correctly.

    Plugins Used: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ http://yanfly.moe/2018/04/13/yep-165-options-core-rpg-maker-mv/ http://yanfly.moe/2018/01/19/yep-162-advanced-switches-and-variables-rpg-maker-mv/ I'll try to explain my problem as best as I can. If I alter the default settings for...
  6. How to know what savefile is loaded?

    Hello! I'm new here and (I don't speak english very well, so I'll try my best to be understable) I wonder how to know what savefile is loaded with a script call. I'm trying to make if the player die somewhere, when he'll load the game again and go back where he was died, he'll be alble to see...
  7. BuzzGaming57

    Turn switch on/off if weapon is equipped or not

    I'm looking for a way to turn a switch on or off depending on if a weapon is equipped or not. This may be a simple question, but I want to find a way to do it without having a conditional branch going in parallel process constantly.
  8. catwizard69

    Turning on a switch (or variable) after learning a skill by leveling up a class, then turning it off

    I know this is probably a noob question, but I've been spending too much time on this and perhaps someone who actually knows what they're doing can help me much easier. Basically, I have a class system based heavily on subclasses. Each character has a primary class they cannot change, but can...
  9. marbeltoast

    <Solved> Can you turn a switch on by equipping a piece of armour?

    Hey gang! I'm wondering if it's possible, either through the base engine or with an easily available plugin, to turn a switch on when a given piece of equipment is worn by an actor, and then back off when it is unequipped? I ask because I'm trying to create cursed equipment in my game. I want...
  10. A bunch of tutorials

    Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now. Topic: - Define borders with coordinates Brief Description: - Use variables and coordinates to define...
  11. AoSapphire

    [Ace] Hime's choice options script

    So... I've been looking for some script that would enable me to make more choices or options and found Hime's choice options script and I got to say, it really works well when I use variables. But I have a question. What do you type in the script call if you were to use switches? Sure, I can...
  12. Eventing Question

    As the title states I have an eventing question. Is there a way that is more efficient for controlling other sprites' movements than a series of switches? In the context of cutscenes sometimes you want characters to turn a certain way after something is said, or you want some movement...
  13. Backwardskey

    Help with a puzzle.

    I'm currently trying to piece together a gate-swapping puzzle. The initial objective is to get across the room (which I don't anticipate being very difficult) but the chests seen in this picture can be optionally obtained and are actually more tricky to reach than simply crossing the room. I...
  14. rpghexe

    I am having the worst time with an event.

    Hey y'all. so I am having an awful time with an event. What I am wanting to do, is have candles in the game that the player can pick up, place where they would like it, and when its placed it will be lit and give off a light source. (It's a horror game, and is very dark in some areas, and I want...
  15. BhenenJerrys

    How do I make a cut scene happen after teleporting from another map

    I have been genuinely stuck on this one for ages. Let me explain: I've made it where you defeat a boss and talk to an NPC behind it (one you rescue), and it says it knows a short way out of the dungeon. You then teleport to the outside of the dungeon. I want it so that once you escape from the...
  16. Uzuki

    How To Enable/Disable An Option In Yanfly's Option Core Plugin For MV

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with blocking out an option in Yanfly's Option Core plugin. In my game I Have an Prepper mode and a Survivor mode. Survivor mode is the "normal" difficulty and is designed to be played as the way that I intended to, while Prepper mode can be classified as an...
  17. Ichigoeater

    How to place multiple, separate events on one tile

    Hi, everyone. I am VERY new to the RPG Maker game system, but have gone through tutorials for literal days. I've tried looking for an existing post to my problem, and it may be telling that it doesn't seem to exist. This may be a stupid question. You see, in my game there is a point where...
  18. OusatsuZansatsu

    [SOLVED] Switch/Event Help

    Update: The problem has been solved and my events are working fine now. Turns out a script I added into the game was using switches and the ones being used had ones I designated switches to for other events. Hey, I'm kind of new to RPG Maker and I'm still getting used to learning the...
  19. DapperHound

    New: Need Help With Relationship System

    I'm completely new to RPG Maker (I use MV btw), and this is my first post on these forums. So excuse me if I am in the wrong area for what I need to ask. I have been creating small test games over the past few days to make sure certain aspects that I want in my actual project will work...
  20. Switches?

    I have a switch for each quest that turns on when you receive it. NPC's then know the switch is on and you can talk to them about the quest . When you finish the quest the switch turns off, but then the next time you talk to the quest giver he gives you the quest you just completed. Does anyone...

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