1. Switches?

    I have a switch for each quest that turns on when you receive it. NPC's then know the switch is on and you can talk to them about the quest . When you finish the quest the switch turns off, but then the next time you talk to the quest giver he gives you the quest you just completed. Does anyone...
  2. MRD256

    Switches that stay on perminatly

    Is it possible for there to be a plugin that allows switches to remain ON forever. In other words, say a switch is turned ON, that switch remains on even should the game close. How I picture it being set up is I can but a string of Switch IDs in a plugin parameter, and when one of those listed...
  3. firststef

    Is there a script to manually load Switches?

    I want to manually load the switches data from a savefile with a script Im noob so i tried StorageManager.loadFromLocalFile(1) After of course i tried manually to save a file StorageManager.saveToLocalFile(1,json) but json is not defined But i failed at saving the file. Please share any...
  4. A-Moonless-Night

    Turn switch on/off during fadein/fadeout

    So, I've been learning a bit of Ruby and I decided to try my hand at making a simple script that turns some switches off during screen fadeout and then turns them back on again during fadein. The reason I wanted to do this is because the lighting script I'm using (Casper Gaming's Light Effects...
  5. DK


    Title: Globals Version: 1.3 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Description: Saves variables and switches regardless of the player’s saving. Allows you to have variables and switches that are not tied to saving, but are global for all new games. Requirements and dependencies: Availability of...
  6. Sushislayer

    Need help with switches

    Okay so This is my first post and I would like to say hello! I am Sushislyaer and after over 20 years of RPG gaming, I have decided to start my own game. Right now everything is in rough development like the dialogue mainly because I just want the quests to work then I will take the time to...
  7. yomaniac

    Need Help with Ordered Switch Puzzles

    Hi, I have seen many tutorials for pressing switches in a specific order to open a door but I can't get any of them to work. I double checked to make sure I did everything the same but I still can't get it to work correctly. I am using RPG Maker MV for this. Can anyone help me out?
  8. fishing level gains based on fish caught

    I'm trying to make my character lvl up his fishing based on what you catch, i want it to have a percentage or a 1 in 10 (or something) chance or something to level up the fishing after catching a fish. the problem im having is that i can't figure out how to set it up. ive made the variable...
  9. Character in cutscene appears but does not move

    In an intro autorun cutscene, I'm trying to make a character move after they appear. The character appears, but does not move. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Here is my code: Character that appears and should move (Character Appears 1)
  10. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to treat a vehicle like a regular event so it appears after a switch is triggered?

    I'm really trying to make an event which makes the boat ( or any vehicle ) appear after a certain thing happens in the game, but I do not get to find a way. I even tried " Set Vehicle Location " but that doesn't seem to work.
  11. Jack_Gram

    Odd Question?

    Hello! I'm new to the RPG maker community and so far I have to say its great. I just have a question about a problem I have encountered while making my game. So I have an item that there is a limited amount of them and you exchange them for rare weapons and armor. The problem I'm having is I...
  12. Variables and Condition Switches

    I am kinda considered a RPGMaker VX Ace Amateur, and have no knowledge of Scripting yet, but however I have to ask something. I am working on different types of events and how they work, but I have a question on Switches and Variables. What is the exact purpose of them and how do they work?
  13. VixelPixel

    Actor Placement and Switches?

    What I want to do is have different switches on depending on who the player sets as leader for the party For example if actor 1 is in front, I want switch 1 to be on, it actor 2 is in front, switch 2, and so on. What I want to be able to accomplish is have different outcomes or dialogues if...
  14. Soulnet

    Event Nesting

    Hello Everyone, I'm thinking of a system, but i'm not 100% sure how to implement this without doing endless choices. Say we have 5 choices, we'll call them A, B, C, D, E. The player has the choice to turn on any of the 5. For the example they've chosen C. The choices left are now A, B, D...
  15. Events not working

    I recently began learning how to navigate and use the RPGMaker MV software and I am encountering an issue getting any events to work. I began with simply creating a switch on the ground which would display text when the player stepped onto the spot it is at. Nothing happens at all when I step...
  16. Set All Self Switches

    A simple snippet that allows the user to use a simple plugin command or script call to set all self switches of a given key. Alternately you could use a script call. The plugin command is not case sensitive. For example SetAllSelfSwitches a true     <-- This will set the self switch...
  17. DK

    [Add-on] DK Game Time. Switches

    Title: Game Time. Switches Version: 1.3 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Supported languages: Russian, English Description: Allows to control the switches depending on game time Requirement for plugin Availability of working plugin DKCore version 1.81 or above Availability of...
  18. Sound Effect When Player Steps On A Certain Tile

    Today I have a bloody chair tileset. I want my squish sound effect to happen whenever the player walks on the cushion part of the chair. I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but I want the event to be passable or through while stepping there makes the sound effect happen. Does anyone know how...
  19. dnel57

    Event execution problem

    I have pored over this for two days,now,and cannot figure this one out. (not that I'm a pro by any means) I have an event that has three parts A,B,C. The first part I used the last item that I obtained as the condition. It is an item that you cannot avoid getting in the game,nor can...
  20. LuLingqi1

    Turning on control switches for a new event to work?

    Hey guys! Lulingqi again! So, I'm having trouble with some eventing I'm doing. I don't believe I'm eventing properly. So, here's a step by step process of what happens in the game. 1. Miki checks the curtains. Curtain Tutorial switch turns on. 2. Miki checks the TV. TV tutorial switch...

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