1. sebesmos

    Switches Not Cooperating on Simple Event

    What I'm trying to do: Player sees something behind dresser.  Player chooses to move dresser -> activates switch MovedDresser and transfers player to map with dresser moved and hidden object exposed.  If player leaves this area and returns, the entrance has an event with conditions for if...
  2. Geekbydesign

    RMVXAce - Tip for Newbs determining fault in their events

    I apologize as this isn't a problem, but I wasn't sure where to post this?  (First time poster)  I've read through other posts and haven't found this information available, so I thought I would share it. I'm a newb myself, and was having issues using switches.  I was creating an event that...
  3. RyokuHasu

    How to use switches to progress the story of your game.

    Switches are the most basic form of controlling the progression of a game however I see a lot of people who use bad switch practices and or just plainly don't know how to use them. So In this tutorial I will go over several Types of Switch based progression systems. Hopefully this guide can give...
  4. No matter what I do...(Switches/variables) - Please Help

    Hi everyone, I'm so sorry to bother you with my noobish problems but I just cannot get this sequence in particular to work no matter how I try to tweak it. I want the game to start with a very simple tutorial. Your character is escorted down to another part of the map and you have to take part...
  5. Simple switches for a quest

    Hello, To start with I'll say that I know there are countless tutorials on this and I've followed several of them word for word but I'm still having trouble trying to set up a simple event where an NPC gives the player a quest to find their spear. It's just a test really, to see if I can get it...
  6. A Few Questions

    ]Alright so I've been having some issues with my switches working properly. I'm not sure if it's how the triggers are set up or something else. I'm trying to make the intro cut scene and what I need is to have complete control over the day and night time settings. I think I almost have it...
  7. nathanlink169

    Using Switches to control what's sold in shops

    So what I'm planning on doing is having a common event for a shop that uses switches to determine whether or not that item is sold. Unfortunately I'm not doing it in order (Like weapon set 1, weapon set 2, weapon set 3, etc.), like the player will have to do sidequests in order to unlock the new...
  8. Cutscene/switch/graphic problem, help please??

    Hi folks -- new to the software and the forums, have tried various tutorials online but I just can't seem to find a clear enough answer. I'm trying to create a cutscene, which starts when my player enters the room, has a dialogue exchange, initiates a battle, then some of the characters speak...
  9. arekpowalan

    Simple Recolored (Minecarts and Switches)

    I, ughh... I'm back. After a long absence, I made it back because I got some motivation as I started an RM blog. So, I would like to share some resources I made recently. Minecarts Switches Import them via the maker's "Import" command. It should let you delete the backgrounds. They are...
  10. Ultimacj

    An Odd Experience

    I had a really odd experience with RPG Maker while creating my tower area.  In my tower base first floor theres a hidden staircase which doesn't appear until you hit two switches both on left and right side.  Once both switches are hit (WIND TOWER SWITCH A = ON  etc) the game would give a...
  11. DarrellLeon

    Conditioned Traits Stacking (Solved)

    So I'm experimenting with lots of scripts at the moment to try to get a feel for different ones and different features that work well in my system. In the future I am going to be building the game I'm working on from the ground up with all my own scripts but it's nice to get a feel for how other...
  12. How would I go about doing this?

    I want to make it so that when  the player uses an item he finds, if he's standing in the right area, it will cause an object in that room the change how it looks and become interactable. How would I do this? ex: say you found an item and it was put in your inventory. When you used the item in...
  13. Sel Feena

    Party's equipped weapons/armour

    Sel Feena's Party Equipment Monitor V 1.0   Introduction This script allows users to automatically keep tabs on if specific weapons or armour are equipped by the current members of their party. This is done by creating a checklist inside the script; if the weapon/armour is equipped by one...
  14. Sel Feena

    Equipping an item sets a switch

    I've looked around some, but there doesn't seem to be a script to achieve what I'm looking for. Basically, I'd like to be able to flip a switch ON or OFF depending on if any of the current party has a specified weapon/armour equipped, after changes are made to equipment, and the members in a...
  15. JamesCalibur

    NPC issues

    Hello, I've been working on a game over the past few day's but I've reached a problem at the start of the game i want the npc to start an autorun cutscene, then walk to a position i set for him/her, then remain their when i leave the screen the screen and comeback, continuing to say what i...
  16. Voxgizer

    A Beginner's Guide To Cutscenes

    In my short time here, I've seen quite a few threads asking about cutscenes and how to make opening cinematics. This guide was created to help new users become more familiar with creating cutscenes on a very basic level (Can't stress this enough!). It's a guide by a beginner, for beginners.  I...
  17. Solistra

    SES Switches and Variables (Access by name and more)

    SES Switches and Variables v1.0 by Solistra Introduction This script allows you to access and use switches, variables, and event self-switches in a more flexible manner than that used by RMVX Ace by default. Most notably, you can access these elements by name rather than by numerical index only...
  18. GrandmaDeb

    Ace Switches Demo/Tutorial

    RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and VX Ace Tutorial: Understanding RPG Maker VX Ace Event Switches Based on Aindra's Original Switches Demo/Game and expanded, edited and updated for Ace users by GrandmaDeb * Do you want an event to end and never come back? * Do you want one event to be able to control...
  19. Andov

    Event railcart cycle- cant repeat :-(

    Greetings. In a small area called mining camp I have a rail that comes from the edge of the map and enters a building. There's two things I want to do. I haven't been able to figure this out or find a solution allready posted. First: My downward rail bends ninety degrees and appears to go...
  20. ItalyPastaLover

    How Do You Use Switches?

    I am new to RPG. I read about how I can make my own switch. But I`m kind of confused on how to use it. In a game i`m recently making is there are 3 characters that appear on a bed in one scene. But after the scene is done they supposed to move to an other room. My friend told me I use switches...

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