1. Force a Formation change within Events

    When I force a change of formation in a script call, The formation changes but the character sprite does not. $game_party.swap_order(0, 1) I'm using this code. I'm then stuck with two characters who have the same sprite.
  2. Craig

    EXP for Party Members Participating in Battle/YEP_Actor Party Switch

    I am using the YEP_ActorPartySwitch plugin to swap out characters in battle. But it seems that the only characters that get EXP are the ones that are actively in the party when the battle ends. How can I make it so all the characters that participated in the battle get EXP, but any that did not...
  3. Beginner Switching Maps? Also Switching Main Characters?

    Hi! I am having such trouble with my game right now. I have been toying around with the system and just...it's hard. I am having a hard time understanding the system.  First of all, I wanted to have a scene run before I had my character be controllable. It's raining out and the screen is...
  4. Consumable Ammo with use of Firing Weapon

    So I have looked around and can't find anything concrete on this. Is there a way to create a consumable type of ammo to use with a weapon, such as a Bow in one hand and an arrow where the Shield would be. Anyone know a way I could do this so that when I have any arrows left it lets me fire it...
  5. Silenity

    Quick Actor Switching

    Hello. So I just went through 24 pages of plugins to make sure this wasn't made yet. >_< So let's get straight to the point.  I'd like to request a plugin that allows the user to set 2 keys to quickly change the position of their actors. Example: A key is pressed - Actors shift to...

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