1. Obipandawan

    Weapon Art

    Hello!, Here are a few swords / animations i have made for MV, i have a pretty huge library my plan is to make large bundles to sell of ITCH. But a lot of people on the forums have provided a lot of free assets that have made my dev process soooo much better so i wanted to give away some of my...
  2. FrozenNorseman

    FrozenNorseman's MV Gear

    Hello honourable board members. I am slowly (but steadily) in the process of creating some MV assets for use with the taller sprites. At the moment I have thrown my love and devotion at hiddenone's Hine sprites, so if and when new stuff appears here, it will probably be related to those...
  3. Astrea

    Astrea's Armory (SV Weapons Based On Other Games)

    Yo, I'm some guy who likes swords. I also like video games, thus, I made some swords based off of ones from other games. How bout that. THESE ARE NOT RIPS, ( I made them myself!) but the designs of these swords are based off of other RPGs, so I'm not entirely sure how the whole "intellectual...
  4. nazgul

    Anime Fighting Fantasy

      Nazgul Presents Anime Fighting Fantasy   Genre:  Role-Playing Game Engine: Rpgmaker Vx Ace Sideview ATB Battle, Classic old school fights, Fast paced battles, with intricate strategy, and vicious enemies. STORY:              Sakura the half demon has lived in Cherry Blossom...
  5. Νύξ

    Battle animations of weapons and so on.


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