1. Time Master

    [VXA] Problem with battle Symphony

    Hi everyone, I completed my project yesterday, but I still have some big problems about my battle. I used Battle Symphony and MOG Battle's HUD, they work well together, but when I'm choosing actions for the characters, I accidentally press the arrow buttons (left arrow and right arrow) (as <-...
  2. TheMattIdentity

    Script Error in Yami Battle Symphony: "Argument Error."

    First of all, I'm running the following scripts:  Yanfly Core Engine  Yanfly Battle Engine,  Yami Battle Symphony Yami Enemy Char Set Yanfly Victory Menu The error is in the form of a popup window when I engage in a fight in-game. For your convenience, I'll copy/paste the popup window...
  3. pxldrm

    Flip Around Single Enemy Graphic During Battle

    I would like to flip a single enemy around by using a script call or symphony tag during battle. I am not using a spriteset for enemies, only a single png image. I see that there is a method to mirror animations in Sprite_Base but it's a little beyond me on how to implement this for...
  4. Dirge

    Adapting the Holders Addon for Symphony to use Enter stance

    Hey! I'm using Yanfly's Base Troop Events to force an "entering battle" pose to work in Symphony, basically I've got the troop using force actions to call a skill to play the pose. It "works" in the sense that all the characters take a step forward and do a thing at the beginning of battle, but...
  5. IceSage

    Enemy Character Hues (Yami Symphony add-on)

                  --Enemy Character Hues (Yami Symphony add-on)--     Summary: I was noticed how extremely inconvenient it was that, using the editor's slider, I couldn't change the hue of the Character Set battlers using Yami's "Enemy Battlers" add-on, which allows you to replace the default...
  6. Symphony and Spritesheet question

    Hello again all So I've played around with the Symphony Tutorial here but one thing it does not explain is how it links different sprites to individual actions. The tutorial tells us that putting "stance: user, attack" into the notes of the skill will put the user into an attacking stance and...
  7. AceofSpades

    [Ace] Yami Battle Symphony and Yanfly Input Combo Skills

    I realize this topic has probably come up a few times already, but I just couldn't find the solution to my problem. So I've been using Yanfly's Input Combo Skills, and I really love it. But I also recently added Yami's Battle Symphony to my game. Now, the input combo skills don't work. Instead...
  8. anthnintendofan

    Need some help with Yami Battle Symphony

    Hello there RPG Maker Web, in my game I am using yami's battle symphony for my battle system. I am using charsets as the battlers and I need some help in making animations. I have read yami's manual and I understand what the note tags do, but what I don't get is how to apply them. If you have...
  9. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Overview This is an add-on for Yami Engine Symphony - Skill Equip script that allows you to make equipped skills add a state to the user. So basically, it's like giving the ability to have equipped passive states. Done per request of Oriceles Script Terms of use Will follow the terms of the...
  10. [Ace] Battle Engine Symphony Please Help!

    I can't figure out how to make enemies equip weapons after getting them animated in Battle Engine Symphony. I downloaded the "enemy character set" and pasted the script in but where do I go from there? The guide I found at (http://forums.rpgmak...attle-symphony/) doesn't help with my problem. I...
  11. zero50

    Question about actor 8D character pack...

    Hello! I hope someone can help me with this...I really need an answer... I have found a file on Yami's symphony battle system site which contains some actors in 8D battler format... Do you know who actually made these? Are they avaliable to use in...
  12. Help with Symphony [Ace]

    I have a question. I have seen in other battle scripts/games, after a person has  selected a move they begin a charging animation while you select the rest of your parties moves. Is there a way to have that set up in Symphony? If that isn't clear enough this is what I am trying to say: 1...
  13. Rycoria

    Yami's Battle Symphony Help Please!

    Hey everyone just a super quick question. I'm using Yami's Battle Symphony, ( and the fact that the on-screen actors have the stepping animation 24/7 really bothers me. What I mean is, the stepping animation plays even when the actors are...
  14. BeardBro

    A Guide to Yami's 'Battle Symphony'

    A Guide to Battle Symphony   Author’s Notes: This is a guide to Yami’s ‘Battle Symphony’ for RPG Maker VX Ace. This battle engine is free to use in non-commercial and commercial projects, so long as the proper credits are given: Yami Yanfly Nessiah & EvilEagles (for their contributions to...
  15. Jericho Swain

    Battle Symphony+Galv's Animated Battlers Help

    Hi I wanted a to merge these two together but its quite hard (for me). In Battle Symphony all I want from that engine is for the enemy characters to be able to come and hit your party instead of just sitting there. I want Galv's Animated Battlers as it is. Please Help and Thanks ! PS: When I...
  16. Quickdraws

    Battle Symphony remove just enemy shadows

    So I've been trying to edit the battle symphony script in order to remove just the enemy battler's shadow sprite and keep the actor's   shadow sprite intact. Since I'm using resized battlers from the rtp instead of small sprite characters the tiny shadow just looks outta place on enemy...
  17. kerbonklin

    The biggest compatibility issue i've ever faced

    Okay so after weeks of trying to make a solution, i'm down to what I believe is the last step of compatibility-making between Battle Symphony + Enemy Charset, and Rhyme's Animated Battlers (for enemy Holders sprites)  The enemy Holder sprites work perfectly well (so far), however my enemy...
  18. Necromedes

    Symphony Battle Error With Hime's Non Targetable Script

    Ok, so I am using Symphony Battle System and would like to add Hime's Non Targetable script. I set up the battle event so that when the other monsters have been killed the no target state is removed from the last monster. The script works great up to the point when the last enemy is targeted and...
  19. ObtrusiveWhale

    [VX Ace] Scripting Help With Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ and Input Combo Skills Yanfly

    Hello! I am currently working on an extensive RPG project and am using many scripts all together, so of course I am having some compatibility issues. The two I need help with currently are the Alchemic Synthesis ~GO GO TOTORI!~ and Yanfly's Input Combo Skills. Also it is important to note that...
  20. ShinGamix

    Need Tag Team Combo Skills For Symphony

    I need a script like ve-cooperation-skills to work with yami's-battle-engine-symphony/. The script for VE isn't compatible with Symphony Right now VE-Cooperation skills only work with VE- Animated battle. Here is what it does.

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