1. Aloe Guvner

    Synchronize Variables with Items/Weapons/Armors

    Synchronize Variables with Items/Weapons/Armors by Aloe Guvner Download Link Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance. Background: Some menu plugins require data to be stored as variables, which also has to be represented as item counts, or vice-versa. If multiple currency systems...

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A surprising number of plugins have appeared for MZ since last year. I'm currently making a "shopping list" so that I'll know what I need to test when I switch over to MZ later this year. Much of it is stuff updated from MV plugins, but there are also a good number of new things. It'll be fun to test it all out.
A little dental dilemma this week. One my temp crowns was sized incorrectly and needs some sanding. And dentist was out till Tuesday. Pain is minimal though. Hope everyone here is well. :)
Got like a sudden surge of wish lists overnight. :)
The theory has been proved. Based on an invisible image's data(the big red dot in the previous image), RM can identify different parts of an enemy and do something respectively. :kaojoy:

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